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Altered Gift Bag

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I have heaps of these paper bags that we had bought from Delhi on our last visit. With just a few bits of papers peiced together and a ribbon here and there, I decided to give one of them a christmasy edge instead. Hope you like it.

I have entered this gift bag in the Creative Card Crew challenge. Please check them out on the following link :

Friendship cards

Very flowery fabulous friend !

I’m back with my love for Pink and all things pink !

This card has used alot of diecuts from different sizes of flower to the label frame itself. It is easy to reach out to a friend with a card as simple as this. A straight message with no frills to it.


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Christmas Card

An Elegant christmas card.

Here’s another christmas card. Very simple yet elegant in traditional colors with a girgham background. 

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Traditional christmas card.

Although I felt I could have done much better with the finishing and polishing of this card ( but then dont I feel that way for all my cards !!) somehow I felt, I didnt want to over embellish it. In very traditional colors of Red and Green, with the traditional evergreen tree. some pretty ribbons here and there and voila, we have our first christmas card of the season.

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Good wishes Card, Love messages ~ cards, Something inbetween

Happy Everything.

There is something so special about this particular combination of colors, blue and brown. It reminds me of one of my first uniform in the hotel. The concept was taken from the natural geographical location of the hotel. The Royal Meridien a single hotel in the middle of a large desert facing the beautiful blue seas. Brown for the desert and blue for the ocean and sky. Not that I fancied the uniform but the color stuck to me. Here I have taken inspiration from that very favorite color duo of mine.

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Love messages ~ cards

From One penguin ~ sending love.

There’s something really cute about playing with stamps with cuddly figures like penguines, owls and teddy’s. This is such a simple card ideal for sending lovely to friends and family alike.

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Friendship cards

Real friends.
Fairs & exhibitions in Dubai

Market Day fair in Arabian Ranches ~ Dubai.

Last Friday, I participated in the first fair of the season, after Samie’s operation. I was filled with a large portion of anxiety, alittle apprehention and a whole lot of mental and physical stress. I think I am most stressed out till the time, we dont reach the venue and the set up is complete, once thats over, then I am relaxed and begin to enjoy.

The fair turned out exceptionally well for us, considering we reached there an hour and a half late !!!

Becoz we were the last, we were fortunate enough to have all the three stalls right next to each other. So there were three tables and one space for the wire rack.

Sawaab manned the stall with the smaller items while samie’s stall had my altered goods and bags. I managed the stall with all the craft tools and materials. It was amazing to watch the boys handle customers, answer their queries and find what they were looking for !!   3 hours later, We were all  happier, more confident and relieved that everything went so well.

It was a true team effort that my family put in. So proud to have these boys in my life. while other kids played on the bouncing castle and ate ice cream, these guys earnestly manned those stalls.

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Friendship cards, Something inbetween

Appreciation card.

A simple card like this for an office environment where encouragment, support and honesty can do wonders for ones spirit ! Even if you have a collegue leaving who has left a real impact in your career, this would be the ideal card for him/her.

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Love messages ~ cards

Nuts about you.
Alter Art

Back from the Dead ~with Joy ofcourse.

Its been exactly a year since I posted my last card. I dont want to bore you with the hassels that 2010 bought but I can say for sure, that I am just begining to ride the surf. My tumor, My husband’s cancer, my children’s school change and a whole lot of extended family issues, made 2010 a year full of uncertainity, drama and turmoils.

We are all alive and thats enough right now. Its also bought a small amount of depth in life too, one where I am not rushing thru the day… one where I am reminding myself to hug the kids more often, one where I am making more concrete efforts to being there for my brothers and sisters and cousins. I hope we all are able to find our footing and take small progressive steps.

Here is one of my first altered cd for this month. It is a very simple message but one which, one of my cousins visiting from India, immediately fell in love with.