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Lord Have Mercy on my lil’ puppy.

This one here was the first one and I think I like it the most . Why ? Coz I love the little puppy, I love the tiny message and I love that gorgeous paper, rust with tiny flowers in it. Just to add a little color in the card, I have used the yellow paper flowers from Malaysia. Please share with me how you feel about the card.

This card will be entering the card challenge at :  Lord Have Mercy.

Although I now feel I am not sure they wanted squares or rectangles in the card, for sure or It was ok for me to play with circles as I did ? Anyways as long as I have tried to keep close to the original sketch I hope they like it.  Just had a look at their samples on following link :    ~ and was completly blown away, they have gorgeous designers with exceptional color-understanding talent  !

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Marathon Card Challenges !!

I know it wasnt the sandwich ~! Coffee has stopped kicking me so I guess, its got to be the fact that I have stopped one of my medicines. What ? you ask ? Well. I cant believe just how pepped up I was today ! Oh yah, maybe it could also be that we have a fantastically long weekend here in Dubai, thats taken off the pressure off my shoulder and thats why I managed to make not one, not two but F I V E cards, and gorgeous, if I may say so myself. I am oh so pleased with all five of them. I am going back to the ” card challenge” arena after a very very long time and this time, I hope I make some good friends too. So without much ado, here they are, Just for the benefit of the “challenge thingy” I will be placing them in 5 different posts. Please do go thru each one of them for closeups. Thanks for droping by.

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Wall hanging

Like in most of my projects, there is always some element of recycled material used. This entire wall hanging is made of recycled stuff. Plenty of tiny bits lying in my stash and the cardboard itself, is recycled from cereal box. See that wide smile on your teachers face when he/she receives something like this 🙂

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