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Love Message 3 ~ nothing short of my everything !

What a cute sketch and since I am in all that “lovey dovey” mood, I wanted to keep this card all lovey too. A very cute porcupine with a super cute sponge filled fabric polka dot heart, and a heart warming message saying ” your nothing short of my everything” Wow ! How does the recepient respond when he/she receives such a card. I’d be all in tears … but thats just me ! An emotional fool, crying at happy endings and heart ‘burns’ ūüėČ I have used tiny metal hearts with Love engraved on them, after a very long time and I think, they fit perfectly.

Ok, so this challenge comes from :

and you’ll be amazed at the kind of fantastic cards the DT came up with for this challenges. Wow, a¬†very creative bunch of gals !

Ok so here’s my card :


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Here’s the sketch :

Challenges, Love messages ~ cards

Love Message 2~key to my heart.

In all honesty, when I started out with trying to figure out this challenging sketch, I thought, I may not be able to do justice to the sketch, but somehow, amazingly I am pleased with the end result. Why ?

This card is entering two challenges:

1:friday mashup : valentines, heart card, with colors : red or/and pink/peachish or/and or pastel yellow or/and blue.

2: stamping 411. The sketch.

So the sketch is from stamping 411 and the color,elements, theme are for Friday Mashup.

Shirley at Friday Mashup has a special liking for ‘Penguin’ so I have used the penguin digi image to rest my Heart on !

I hope you like this card to :

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Love that simple yet intimate message : ‘You hold the key to my heart’

You can find both the sites below :

Challenges, Get Well soon ~ Card

Get well soon with flowers.

The sketch is so simple yet you can actually put in an entire drama stage with the only two images there. Its really very versatile.

I decided to use the image of ‘get well soon’ with a very pastel pink and¬†purple. I meant to use some cheerful colored flowers and a few shimmering butterflies, but then the flowerpot idea just sprung up and voila !

The  and This sketch comes from :

My cards :

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And here is the sketch that I followed :

Challenges, Proud of You

Proud of You.

Again, lucy came up with such a lovely sketch. Here is her site :

My card is one, I have been wanting to do for a very long time. I feel in all honesty, I have tried to keep the look and ‘feel’ of this card very ‘formal and male oriented’ Dont you agree?

Please leave your feed back about this card.


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Here is the sketch :

Microsoft Word - Sketches

Challenges, Love messages ~ cards

Love Message 1~my heart led me to you.

This card enters two sketch challenges :

1)¬† From Lucy’s at Hedgehogs and lady birds. She’s hosting a challenge each day and I think What I really liked most is the simplicity of the sketch and the message it spoke of .

2) Shirley at Friday Mashup would like to see some valentine themed cards with Colors in red/pinkor peachish/blue/pastel yellow.

So here’s my take :

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here’s the sketch :

Microsoft Word - Sketches

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9 cards in one night !!

Ok So I got a jump start on inspiration this Sunday !! I broke my own record of attempting to sit straight thru so many hours of a card making session. Althoug the back is alittle soar and complaining, I really had fun. Well, what can I say ??

Its the last few days before school starts and the boys and I are back locking horns over studies issues and “THIS IS ” supposed to be the great “ME TIME” everybody is always talking about these days ! Isnt it ? Well, DH is not too pleased about it though. I sneaked out inbetween a movie time downstairs in the TV Room ūüė¶

Besides which there were heaps of sketches to choose from over at stamping when I can at :

God, her site is so addictive, that I just got carried away !!! Such fabulous sketches and all my creative juices were having a race !

So this is a pic of what I came up with … ofcourse, getting them all posted as individual posts as well as linking them to their individual challenges would be another number of hours for me ~ not a very blog savvy person here !! Anyways, here’s a picture of all my 9 cards : Some of them are entering two challenges each card, and just one of them is entering 3 challenges, which is also a first for me. And then the rest of them are just one challenge each.

Oh and for close ups, please have a look at the individual posts after this posting.

Thanks for visiting me. ūüôā Adios.