A Guilt Trip !

My Mojo has not been at its highest lately. Some personal issue disturbing me … and no its not “the husband issue” if thats what your thinking. Perhaps thats why I really havent utilized this weekend, how I would have wanted to.  Just been down and out in the dump … okay sorry, this post is not about me and my ” pity party ” !!

Last Monday, after picking Eman from School, I just felt like I hadda pop over and have a quick look at some more paper. You know what I meant by ” that urge when you want to just have a look ? dont you ?”

Okay so long story short, we came back home with a bunch of goodies. And what a great feeling that was ! You know “THAT” feeling too, dont you ? Anyways here’s my sugary treat for myself for “NOT HAVING GONE WILD ON MY LAST SHOPPING TRIP LAST WEEK, I MADE UP FOR IT THIS MONDAY !!! ”

You know, although I am feeling so ashamed and guilty, I am just loving it. What a strange combinaton of feelings !!!  Have given myself a couple of strong reasons, why I “SHOULD” buy, but I know if you had one close look at my design studio, you’ll be knocking me down for being, wasteful. For now, let me just enjoy my guilt trip 🙂

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