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M O T H E R Wall hanging.

I have been blessed with one of the nicest men in this world for a husband. I could write a book on him (and it would include mostly all of his qualities with a dash of his clumsiness and this and that and …… ) {You get the picture, right ? }  But dont worry, I am not going there, right now…. phew ! 

 However one of the major reasons, why we have any friction between us, is mainly becoz, when I find something thrown in a healthy state, I prefer to adopt it, thinking I may be able to refurbish it at a later stage and dress it up prettily. {NO I am not a hoarder ~ ok, maybe just a tad bit}  However,”THAT” does not happen all the time. What does, however, happen, is that, I find a suitable space for the said item in my craft studio or the jam packed shed and then …………….. forget about it. (not deliberately forget about it … well my plates full with so many more projects at hand, isnt it ??? )

 Now THATS where the problem arises. DH believes in minimilistic living, (he should’ave been born in Japan !!)  while yours truly, hates things thrown out which can serve a purpose at some later stage. Naturally finding that “some stage” is the issue.

Well, I have done him proud on this particular occasion. Couple of weeks back, my car was parked near a construction area, and as we know, constuction areas are a treasure trove for crafters, not cardmakers or scrappers but definetly, crafters. So anyways, here in Dubai, everything is in excess even wastage 🙂  So there were heaps of cardboards and insultation packs thrown around. Thank God, Sam was not around, so I could ask one of the workers permission and just packed a few large white cardboard sheets in the car. 

The guy kept looking at me as though I was an alien ~ an abaya laden women comes in a GMC truck and takes “garbage” ….. it would have made news headlines for sure in 7days newspaper.  He kept saying “karabish ~ karabish” meaning trash in Arabic. Silly guy, little did he know what I had in mind for that trash. He couldnt fathom the possibilites of finding a dozen odd uses for that sheet.  But I could. 

Why bother to explain to him, that I am doing some good for the environment ?? He couldnt care less for the environment around him.

So anyways, long story short. Turns out that thick large sheet is very light in weight but sturdy enough not to bend or break. Perfect for a altered frames or wall hanging or door signs. 

I cannot tell you just how much absolute fun I had, giving a new lease of life to a dead object. I hope you guys like it too. So for the next atleast 6 posts, your going to see the “trash to wall hanging ” series. 

This is how that white board was used after alittle sanding, polishing and distressing.

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I have included a picture of the white board, just to give you an idea of what it looked like.  What a joy ! Oh and one of the photographs of the flower pot close up shot, is just : me trying out some new editing for pictures which did not turn out all that great 😦

Please do let me know, if you have ever picked something discarded shamelessly and created something functional with it.

This wall hanging is going to enter the following challenges.

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Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you return again.  Have a wonderful weekend ahead.


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Candy time again.

It seems March has been a delightful month full of candy surprises on offer ! Here are the delicious offers by some wonderful, creative and generous ladies for friends and crafty sisters. As always, all you have to do is visit their site, leave a comment, leave your link as well and become a follower in most cases. {www} Web  Celebrations are all about connecting with like minded or skilled friends meeting and sharing our talents together.  All the best to you’ll with your draws.

Just a reminder, friends, I have never been able to tackle my side bar issues so please excuse me when I havent posted your candy’s there and made a special post for your gorgeous candy’s.

Have you visited Angelwood’s Crafting Corner lately?  If not, you might just want to pop over there NOW as Angela is offering not one, not two, but THREE lots of FABULOUS candy.  Just take a peek at the pictures below. She has three lots with 3 different chances to win!! There are so many items there which have been sitting in my wish list for so long, so I am keeping track of 18th April !

First winner

Second Winner !

And get this !! 3rd Winner !!!!

Cheryl’s candy for 300 followers.

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Ladies, thank you as always, for visiting my site. I hope you were able to find and join some of our crafty friends here.

Have a creatively beautiful day !