Pepper the cat.


Introducing my very possessive and very confused feline baby : Pepper !!

This cat is nearly 6 years old and has adopted us as his family since he was a mere 3 weeks old. His favorite spot being Samie’s ears and shoulder !! Yet he suffers from a distinct identity crisis. He has difficulty believing he is a cat. Infact, sometimes, he probably believes, his brothers are deformed !! I mean,” why dont they have whiskers and why cant they run as fast as me ?”, he asks.

Like most domesticated felines, he is rather fussy about “when” he wants to eat.

The morning rush, is not the best place to be in my kitchen ~ I mean, its a chaotic place, where lunch boxes are being prepared, sandwiches, fruits and alot of imagination are being tossed around !! Yet, in the middle of all my running express trains, is Pepper, asking for his bowl to be filled just then !!! Well, I understand his logic … ” My brothers are having breakfast just now, so why cant I ?? ”

Its a mothers plight ~ to give or not to give. So he has to take the backseat. And poor my darling, refuses to eat once the boys have left for school 😦

He is hurt ~ he is disappointed in his mommy. And suddenly he realizes, the doors going to open and he has a whole “white” world to paint on in the courtyard and off he goes to have his morning basking session.

This little tot, LOVES to eat “literally” from the palm of my hand. Its his special treat. When I notice, a meal was not touched in the morning, I simply place it on my palms, and he relishes it so !! What a weird but adorable cat !!

Infact for a couple of his early years, this little bugger, used to use his paws to pick food and eat them – like us humans !!! I mean, who’d heard of that !!!


Actually he’s not weird, he’s just “still-searching for his true personality” and personality, he has in oodles. He is intelligent, he is handsome and he is super possessive about his mom, dad, brothers and home. (not exactly in the same order though ) Keiki our older feline is to him like Ode to Garfield.

Pepper, still has a tendency to suck my fingers and go to sleep after that !! He’s been doing it since he was a finger old !!
When we moved from Arabian Ranches to Al Warqaa, my primary worry was their welfare. I worried, how they would adjust and adapt to the new environment. The sound of aeroplanes, the sound of dogs and chickens and cocks ( all my neighbours are fond of raising chickens !!) I introduced the sourroundings to them very gradually after nearly a week of being restricted in the house. I also scattered some of their litter granuels in the outside fence so that other cats may get the message.

And yes, becoz Mushrif Park is just a stones throw away from home, we are visited by scores and scores of migratory birds of various colors and chirps ! So yeah, while keiki struggled with the new setup, Pepper took to it like a fish to water. All he wanted was to be with us. He needed security of his family, his brothers and his parents. He “almost immediately” claimed his territory here. Thank God for that.

Truth be said, there’s little we worry about our home on our holidays, but we constantly worry about Keiki and Pepper. They are such a huge part and integral part of our family that it just seems void of any “completeness” without them.

Here are some really funny and cute pics of Mr Pepper ~ the boy in a cats body 🙂






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