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Breast Cancer ribbons tutorial

Hello friends.

Two things went very wrong last month which has been the leading cause for my absence from my blog home ūüė¶

I learnt my lesson the hard way that¬†One has to be extra careful with any electronic gadgets/equipment in any overseas trip ~ which ofcourse, I wasn’t ! And I paid the price ~ or rather, am still paying the price for it.

Downloading tom tom on my laptop has lead it to act very weird ~ my internet connection as well as usb connectors have to be reconfigured ! Sheesh !! As if that was not bad enough, my camera, (due to¬†a humpty dumpt fall ) has now got a tiny scratch on the lens, and the battery cage has gotten so loose that that the battery flips out easily !!¬† Being a slave to the keyboard of my¬†own laptop and¬†clarity¬†& focal strength of my own¬†camera, I refuse to use the boys’¬†laptop or camera :((¬† ¬†Not the most ideal situation to be in, for a creative blogger :((((((

Frustrating as it is, I have managed to turn around this situation to my favor, and made last month a truly gratifying one.  How ? I have indulged in over a dozen projects !!!!!  Super fun ~ super refreshing ~ super colorful ~ super recycling stuff !!!   Sometimes, I just have to take one step away from the keyboard and one step towards my work station to do what I LOVE the most ~ creating.

A little over¬†17 projects are waiting in queue to be shared here¬†but I will start today with the most simplest of them. ¬†Buddy’s school¬†had a breast cancer event and he wanted to give¬†some bows to some special teachers and friends.¬†¬†If you know, Buddy, then you know that most of his “notifications” to me, generally land up at the 11th hour ~ so too with this event.

Luckily enough, I had all the basic material for this project at hand, so it was just within a matter of half an hour, that the entire presentation was ready !!

Really, its that simple.

Materials :

  • Scissors
  • Pink ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • tiny jewel/stud/bling
  • a pin/safety pin or any clip to attach the ribbon to the shirt. You could also use tiny magnets.
  • For packaging,
  • scraps of cardstock. (Didn’t I tell you how much I looooove to recycle !)
  • pinking sheers
  • a cd envelope/case


Cut a 2 inch ribbon diagonally and simply give it a loose twist meeting midway length. Join them with a dot of hot glue using the hot glue gun.


Using the hot glue gun, embellish the meeting point with jewels/bling etc


Next hot glue the pins to the back of the bow, in such a way that the pin is not seen from upfront.


Take a small scrap cardstock, cut the edges using a pinking sheer ~  punch two tiny holes with the cropadile, just like in the picture below.


Insert the pins into the holes and voila ~ Your ready with the bows !!







I have used this Pink CD cover to gift wrap them.


Such a simple gift but I had Buddy’s friends and teachers leave me messages of appreciation !


Ofcourse, you must have noticed the picture quality is pretty poor and far from¬†doing justice to the “REAL” color and presentation.¬† But for now, and till the time my dotting camera is fixed, this’ll have to do ūüė¶

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Thank you for visiting me today ~ I hope you have a fun filled weekend !