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Canvas from Cardboard Container

Hello friends. How have the first 11 days of 2019 been ?

Are the resolutions going strong ?

I hope one of the resolutions is to lead a more sustainable existence – Recycle, reuse, repurpose.

upcycle project

We have been rescuing and fostering cats for alittle over 14 years. Presently we have 11 cats. One of the things you’ll find in abundance at my home are ‘cans’.  Your right, cat food cans.

Most of my cats love tuna.  We generally buy bulk cat food when there are some promotions running.  These cans come in packs of three’s within a cardboard packaging.

I have used 3 such Tuna cans cardboard packaging as my canvas.

I gave the cardboard 2 coats of gesso. With sharpie, I outlined the house and colored it with acrylic paints.

I topped it off with a final coat of modge podge.

I love quirky prim houses and tried to give them a cartoonish look.

One of the mistakes, I made was I did not leave too much time for drying between the two gesso coats.  When I began the final acrylic paint, I got a smudge at one of the houses.

The other mistake was that I did not continue the house colors on the side of the cardboard.

Still, I like how it turned out.

transform the tuna can container 1

repurpose tuna can containers 3upcycle tuna can container 2

cardboard to canvascanvas from packaging cardboard

So how did you like this innovative canvas ?

Have you ever attempted using anything other than a canvas to paint on ?

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Hope you  have a bright and happy day.


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