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Guest Designer & A Card Making Kit.

May is always a busy month of the year for me  ~ two birthdays, closing in of exam dates and a need for venting my creative energies ! Strangely enough, I find that I’m always super charged creatively more than ever when I am under pressure and short of time !

This month, I am also sharing some good news with you’ll.  I am so  happy to have been chosen the Guest Designer for Pretty Paper Studio.  They are a relatively new online store who specialize in Scrapbooking kits, cardmaking kits and various other products related to paper crafting. They offer monthly sketch challenges for both Layouts and Cards.

I was delighted when the kit arrived nicely packaged with everything neatly enclosed.

Most designer’s turn to inspiration from paper, dies etc however little motivation is needed, because with one of these kits,  it’s easy to create your own handmade greeting cards with a healthy mix of their beautifully coordinated papers, embellishments, rub-on sheet, stickers, twines, and rubber stamps, which are included in these creative paper craft kits. These kits called “a little something” are for AED 225 / AED 205 for subscribers.

You’ll need to have a paper craft adhesive on hand when making your cards. Typical scrapbooking adhesives work very well for card making applications. Glue dots, glue sticks, double-sided tape, and tape runners are all good options.

The June card kit called “a little something ” was a breath of fresh air and I, all but painted the town red !!! Playing with the various elements : colors, designs and embellishments was such fun.  I was so overwhelmed, feeling that I had so many possible ideas with all these gorgeous papers and I just didn’t know which idea to start with ! I am sure, you will be smitten with the contents as well !

I have posted only 5 of the cards here which I will be posting individually in 5 different blog posts, describing the elements and details, at a later stage.  


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In the newspapers !

One of the many things great about living in a community is the “feeling” of belonging, of being a part of the community. One of our proactive residents at the Ranches, has started a blog directory for all the business women in Arabian Ranches. She’s been very enthusiastic and worked very hard to get everyone involved in providing services or exhibiting their talents, into this directory. What an innovative idea… isn’t it ?

There are few women, who are involved in fashion wear, or accessories, party organizing, jewellry, gifts and handmade stuff. It is, now, so convenient to know exactly, who is planning what event, rather than having to go two highways away to pick a special gift ! We now have the information right under our nose and thats just brilliant. Its always that one person who is ready to carry the baton, claim the baton and in this case, pick the baton, that makes all the difference. And for the Ranches, its Clemintina.

Two weeks back, we were interviewed by Express times of Gulf news and finally, the feature appeared in last Thursday’s newspaper. Its such a delight ! I suppose there are several ways of being featured in the Newspaper, unfortunetly one of the many being, in the obituary or having done some thing obsene like straus kahn. But I’m glad in my lifetime, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by City 7 for a 15 minutes programe and now, I got a chance to have my mug in the newspaper and all for good reasons !!! Alhamduallah.

Here is the link :-

Please visit this link, to read what we had to say, here.

Also, here is our blog directory : Business Women of Arabian Ranches.

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Heartfelt awards.

Yesterday was an exceptionally rewarding day. One of those days that rarely happens 🙂

Sometimes, we stay in the same neighbourhood, same office, travel in the same bus, train etc, studied in the same school, college, institude etc … and still did not feel that need/spark to start off a conversation or to carry it forward to friendship. Yet this www world has bought so many of us ladies, living continents apart, on the same platform, namely creativity and strangely, we are good friends with those whom we have never met and in some cases, dont even know, how they look !!!

I am known in my family and my extended family to be a very straight forward, candid and caring person. I dont mince words but I put them across firmly but politely. When I join Facebook causes or leave heartfelt comments on the issues that I have joined on facebook, I get, on an average 3-4 people wanting to be friends {~ mostly women}. Unfortunetly since I dont know many of them and feel, I may not be able to trust them and my privacy might be tampered with, I decline their request. But when I think about it, I feel, its so strange, that here are some people who are impressed and agree with what I have to say, without having met me, known my background, or know my habbits or vices and yet wish to trust me ~ becoz of that one thing that binds us together :~ OUR BELIEFS ~ OUR INTERESTS ~ OUR POINTS OF VIEW !!  Had I not kept most of my family pictures in my Facebook profile, surely I would be happy to open doors and open arms to these friends, however please excuse me for now. This has been worrying me for sometime now, so I am glad, I have said it and got it out of my system.

Having said that, yesterday was a beautiful day, becoz, a very special friend whom I know very briefly personally but who has touched all our hearts with her exceptional talent, has graced me with a special award. She is my friend, Nikki from Melonheadz. If you havent visited her blog, you have been missing something, big time !  She has been on the blog field for just 9 weeks and her page views are shooting off the ceiling ! She is compassionate and her creativity touches lives as she doodles her thoughts on paper (and software). Here is that lovely award from that lovely friend . What can I say ??? Thank you Nikki. I am humbled.

Good Morning Naush:) I'm attaching an award for you (if you'd like) to put on your blog. Thank you for being such a good friend. xox Nikki

Another reason for my delight is that I was given the honary award at Digi’s with Attitude for one of my creation.

Another pleasent surprise came from Happileigh’s scrappin challenge, where I came second and won some of her gorgeous stamps.

Happileigh Scrappin Challenge

 As if that was not enough, Dawn from Grafico forwarded this award to me !!! Talk about having one of those days when everyone is super polite to you, and everything happens perfectly for you !!! ( Almost never happens to me ~ So I was in the different world altogether ~ heck, I didnt even bother to get mad at Buddy (my oldest) when he dropped all of pepper’s nuggets in water ! (pepper ~ my tabby)

Thank you very much Dawn for this award. I am so glad you chose me and so delighted to receive it.

Alright and now here is the difficult part, where I have to tell some 7 things about myself  .. . . .. .. .. ..  This is virtually impossible, I mean, there are so many things about oneself, where does one start ?????

There are atleast a dozen odd things I’d like to change about myself .. should I start there ??? Oh no .. dont worry, I’ll keep that for my therapist !! lol.

I’ll tell you about some of the nice and “informative” things about me 🙂

1)      I grew up in Kuwait during the 7o’s and 80’s and think, it was not the nicest place to grow up in those days.

2)      I would spend hours reading or creating portraits, drawings and coloring, as a child ~ Only to be discouraged severely for drawing all the time !!

3)      I spend 3 years studying science in college but my career has been purely in the airline and hotel industry.

4)      Dubai has been home for the last 19 years, where I met my husband, married and have been raising our boys. It is only becoz of his encouragement that I reunited with my passion for crafting after marriage !

5)      I can live for years on sandwiches and coffee ! I am petrified of cockroaches. Even before I was driving cars ~ I was riding motorcycles in the busy streets and highways of Bombay !

6)      I am a perfectionist and very organized, which can be a pain for colleagues who are very unorganized and careless in his work attitude.

7)      I am sensitive and very faithful to each one of my friends so that thru out School and college, I’ve had only handful of good friends, whom I am still close to and in touch with thanks to Facebook. 

OK so I cheated, placing 3 different things in one line !! Can you guess which number is that ??  NO, NO, No prize for the right answer    🙂

So there, I have shared something about me, now the rules of this award state that  I need :

1. Thank the person who sent you this blog.
2. List 7 things about yourself (is that even possible ?)
3. Send this to 15 bloggers
I have a few friends and some friends whom I visit often, whom, I think, have an amazing attitude towards life and an even more fantastic ability at creating art works. Here they are :
  1.  Nikki~ melonheadzillustrating.wordpress.com
  2. Marion  ~ cardsbymarione.blogspot.com
  3. Marsha ~ stampingdownsouth.blogspot.com
  4. Linda ~ thefunkiejunkie.blogspot.com
  5. Linda ~ lindysmaidwidluv.blogspot.com
  6. Anne ~ anniebeescraftroom.blogspot.com/
  7. Michelle ~ michelle-pinkpaperparadise.blogspot.com/
  8. Amber ~ amberscraftsandstuff.com
  9. Peggysuez ~ http://rosesbymywindow.blogspot.com/
  10. Regan ~ http://charmedstamping.blogspot.com/
  11. Fallen ~ http://fallanstechnicolordreams.blogspot.com/
  12. Tricia ~ http://wattenburgerfam.blogspot.com/
  13. Kim ~http://kimboscrafts.blogspot.com/2010/02/about-girl.html
  14. Kelly ~ creativelyinked.blogspot.com
  15. Rina Damay ~ handmadebyrina.blogspot.com/

Congratulations ladies. You are all so well deserved of this award.