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Winner of the Christmas Giveaway

the winner of Giveaway (1)

Congratulations Sandie.

We hope you all will return to join our January Giveaway as well.

Hope you  have a bright and happy day.

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Christmas Giveaway !!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Dubai ! 

To celebrate the festive season, we’ve got a fabulous gift hamper up for grabs.

christmas giveaway

Participation is easy !!
Just be sure you’re following us on Instagram & Facebook, subscribe to this blog & confirm on whatsapp. Easy peasy !

Make sure to check back on 23rd December to know if you are a winner !

This giveaway is open ONLY to residents of Dubai, sharjah and Ajman in

United Arab Emirates

Christmas Giveaway 2

To enter, just pop over to the links below and follow on our IG, FB and subscribe to our blog and send a whatsapp message stating “Christmas Giveaway”

  • Step 1 – “follow” us on Instagram @artycraftynaush
  • Step 2 – “follow” us on Facebook @doodlebuddiesUAE
  • Step 3 – “subscribe” to this blog
  • Step 4 –  Whatsapp on 050-4545049 with message “Christmas Giveaway” and your Name/ FB / IG/ email address so we can verify if all four steps are carried out.


Example of the whatsapp message should read as :-

  • Christmas Giveaway, 
  • Name : Naush                                       (your name)
  • Email:  (your email address)
  • FB: Doodlebuddies                              (your Facebook name)
  • iG : Artycraftynaush                           (your instagram name)



You’ll receive one entry per completion ( which includes all four steps)
                 This giveaway is open ONLY to residents of Dubai, sharjah and Ajman in                    United Arab Emirates.

Giveaway ends at 8pm on 22nd Decemeber 2018.


Winner will be announced here on 23rd December. Good Luck !

**Note: all items on the blog giveaway were personally purchased by the founder of Doodle Buddies. We are in no way, shape or form being sponsored or endorsed by any of the companies who we purchased items from. The items were chosen at random & have been fully paid for.



We hope you’ll enter the giveaway and tag your friends too !
The more the merrier !



Lets connect at :-

Artycraftynaush @Instagram

Doodle Buddies @Facebook

Doodle Buddies @Pinterest

naushdoodles @Twitter

naushthings @Tumblr

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Candy time again.

It seems March has been a delightful month full of candy surprises on offer ! Here are the delicious offers by some wonderful, creative and generous ladies for friends and crafty sisters. As always, all you have to do is visit their site, leave a comment, leave your link as well and become a follower in most cases. {www} Web  Celebrations are all about connecting with like minded or skilled friends meeting and sharing our talents together.  All the best to you’ll with your draws.

Just a reminder, friends, I have never been able to tackle my side bar issues so please excuse me when I havent posted your candy’s there and made a special post for your gorgeous candy’s.

Have you visited Angelwood’s Crafting Corner lately?  If not, you might just want to pop over there NOW as Angela is offering not one, not two, but THREE lots of FABULOUS candy.  Just take a peek at the pictures below. She has three lots with 3 different chances to win!! There are so many items there which have been sitting in my wish list for so long, so I am keeping track of 18th April !

First winner

Second Winner !

And get this !! 3rd Winner !!!!

Cheryl’s candy for 300 followers.

Sweet and Crafty candy 14th April   ScrapGarden’s Candy  3rd April


Petra’s Blog                                         Crafty Fox Candy  22nd March.


        Creative Witch Candy   19th March    Sally’s Candy  26th March


  Fancy Free 4 ever’s Candy   28th March   ya klassnay’s Candy 21st March


All You May say that I am a dreamer’s candy      Tracey Hanshaw’s Candy

                                                                                            21st March


Feline Creative’s Candy 27th March    My Comfort Cottage’s Candy  26th March


    Berrylicious Candy   20th March winner hazel.    scrappin3rdees Chik’s Candy 31st March


KonaKrafter’s candy16th March         Craft Meow’s Candy20th March


      Sandra’s Candy  18th March                     Gill’s Candy     


Lillemors Candy  20th March        Crafting Life Spieces Candy 5th April


  Claire’s Candy17th March                       Kitty’s Candy 18th March


Ellen’s Candy  31st March                    Kaia’s Candy 18th April


    Somlelitt’s Candy2othMarch    Sugarpea’s candy 1st April


  Paperinkcolor’s candy 1st April               Pixie’s Candy      18th March

Angelique’s Candy  31March     Patricia’s Candy 2nd April

Samantha’s Candy   1st April     Stamping Fantasies Candy 24th March    

Lisa’s Candy   6thApril   Geraldine’s Candy 31stMarch


Christines Candy 12th April       Louise‘s Candy 


Carols Candy  28thApril     Tracy’s Candy  30thApril


Jacquie’s Candy 17thMarch     Sandra’s Candy 28thMarch


sylvia’s Candy               Gekocopic’s Candy


Squirrel’s Candy ~2nd April   Kleirr’s Candy ~ at 250 members

Kylie’s Candy  1st April  Claudia’s candy


Particraft candy      Stampfairy candy  800followers.

Ladies, thank you as always, for visiting my site. I hope you were able to find and join some of our crafty friends here.

Have a creatively beautiful day !


Blog Candy

Blog Candy ~ Valentine Season.

And so it happens again, that I’ve noticed all these wonderful ladies have drawn out their goody bags and generous hearts and are all set with some gorgeous blog candy. Please pay them a visit, link with them, become their follower and make sure you leave them a kind word.

Its really all that simple. If you can however spread the word, by all means, please do so.

Here are just some of them since I have been struggling with wordpress already coz my margins have gone haywire and my entire right sidebar has somehow drifted down below !!! So placing blog candy pictures in the sidebar was virtually out of the question for webby reasons 🙂

 Anyways, here they are :

prairiefairy candy

Digidrawn candy

cleota’s candy

                Sara’s Candy

Mesh’s Place

Sarah’s Candy  

  bearly mine,

[Candy[8].jpg] Rosa swelt Blog candy

Lovin ink candy  

 Pink Puds candy


Floral Fantasies Candy


Sylvia’s candy


 Tracy’s Candy

 My followers candy! Click here to read more. Open until february 17th. felix’s candy

  Patricia’s Candy


  Karber’s candy.

 Sentiments 4 you candy.


 Buttons for Brains Candy


 My Happy Place‘s candy


 Wish Craft Cards Candy


   a sprinkling of glitter candy.

  Jacques Mognolias Candy


 Millies Marvels Candy

My Blog Candy-Click Pic to enter Kona Krafter’s Candy

 Michelles Scrap’s Candy


 Parti Craft Candy

FEB. 4, 2011 NEW CANDY Hippieaud’s candy


 Rina’s Candy.

Blog Candy, Challenges

Blog Candy 2

So, I may not be all that tech savvy but I am somehow slowly but steadily finding my way around. My last card entered 19 challenges !! Yeah you heard (oops I mean), you read right !! How I managed to find so many challenges, well thats another story and I know your saying, “spare us the details” But what I never realized is how much time consuming it can be !! Ho boy ! I spend a good 3 hours, finding those sites and then commenting on them. Well, thats another thing. You know, how it is when we visit someone, you want them to know that you appreciate their home and hospitality.. how rude to leave without a polite word left behind ! Isnt it ? Yes. well thanks to my suddenly slow moving connection, the connection to the comments window, took like forever. But still I made it a point to leave a hello behind.

And that just brings me to another important but embarrassing issue :  if there are any of you’ll who can advise me on a couple of things, that would be just great.

Firstly: When I want to place a link, in my blog post without putting in their entire http address (that happens when you copy and paste) How and what do you do ?

secondly: A few of these gorgeous blog friends, place their blog candy or blog prizes or even just their badges to use.. How do I place that in my side bar ?

Those were the two crucial questions, until I come across another hurdle !

What I had been doing so far, is copying their http badge/blog cany address into my widget. But what happens is that It appears as an address in my blog view and not as a badge !! Q Q

Any assistance, Tutorial OR  a HAMMER would be greatly appreciated.

Love making cards, love creating things, love recycling objects, just never realized one has to get around with this new language  in blogland to present things properly.

Oh yeah, some more of those super generous friends are leaving some super cool blog candy’s. Since most of you’ll already know why I can’t place their badges on my sidebar, please accept and visit their blogs for some sumptous candys and some unbelievable ones like this one here !!



Lorrinda’s Blogaversary Candy

Bizzy Becs Blog Candy, ends 27th Jan 2011

I’ll be sure to add the newer ones as and when they pop up. Till then, please visit these lovely ladies and view their exceptional projects.  I am so glad I have become follower to these fine ladies, not only just for the candy, but honestly coz each one of them is so talented, has so much to offer , in terms of, a learning experience.

 We all are crafters, but each one of us is different, has unique sense of liking for color and design or pattern, thats what makes us so special. Please bring joy to each one of our friends, visit them and hopefuly become a follower.

And before you go, please help me with my “side bar issues”  I’m sure its not the wordpress, its gotta be ‘me’ 😦

” E n j o y  Creating, little by little, piece by piece until your castle is complete.”

Blog Candy

Blog Candy !!

I must admit it ~ I am fan follower of a very few crafty friends. Who probably dont even know me !!  Some I found, becoz their cards and projects just blew me off and some coz their tutorials were super cool and some, well some although very very few of them, I found becoz their blog candy was super fantastic and I got greedy 😦  !

A thought : If you are a craft artist, scrapbooker, rubberstamp enthusiast or a card maker, have you ever noticed why most of us write in our profiles, that we are married to ‘ a most wonderful husband ‘ 

Somehow the one thing that binds us ‘sisters’ together is not only the fact that we possess ridiculously creative genes but also that we have been blessed with husbands who are supportive.  Imagine, how it would be for a female, who is oozing with creativity but has a husband who holds her back from time in the craft studio or she does not even have tools or even worse, she does not even have access to a computer !! Gosh that would be …… “fatal” 😦

I feel, most of us, prosper and enjoy our art, mainly becoz we have got the encouragement from our spouces. They are cooperative, they adjust, they let us shine in our achievement when we are chosen as a member of a DT or when we have won a card challenge or even won a blog candy. They dont take our tapping keys on the keyboard at odd hours, very seriously or imagine what we’d be doing ???

Scary thought !! Lets not go there. Instead, I wish to take you guys to a excellent place !!

Please visit my friends as they are giving us a chance to win their blog candy !! Holy Molly how do they do it ??? How can they be so generous ?? Could I EVER part from such delicious candy ?? Not a chance !!

Blogcandy trøstepremier