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Romantic Style Mantle Decor

Hello friends,

You know I belong to a generation ( Dinosaur period ) where, we jotted down dates on the “Calender” and remembered birthdays of friends, family members and relatives (religiously) and posted greeting cards to them, if they lived abroad, atleast 10 days in advance (postal journey time)

If they stayed in the same city, then “REAL”  efforts were made to call them, make them feel special, buy a pretty gift along with a greeting card for them.  Things were really simple.  Brands were really not something, people thought too much about. Its the thought that matters – is the ideology, I was bought up on.

We had never even heard of Teachers day.  Fathers day and Mothers day were the only ‘special days’ we were acquainted with.

I remember,  I was in Grade 8, mid 1980s, when one of my friends, who had just returned from holidays in USA, got me a sticker set of fruits which when rubbed, gave off the whiff of bananas, grapes, oranges and lemon and a greeting card for Valentines day.

Valentines day was unheard of in those days, in Kuwait.

Naturally, not having Google around – meant we got ALL our information from books.

I don’t ever remember reading about any valentines day occasion anywhere, but the concept seemed interesting. Especially since we were at an impressionable age where every “long gaze” from the opposite sex, was considered as a ‘crush’ 🙂

Valentines day just gave us all, school-goers, an excuse to share our feelings with our friends.  Those were also the days of silly slam books !! Did you have those ?

Truly, those were simple days.  Innocent times with no complications like today.

Fast forward to 2019, I find all these barrage of ‘special days’ just a waste.  These are reduced to just occasions glorified by the Hallmark -kinda -industries to capitalize on !

There is a long queue of these willy-nilly day declaring including some like,  World television day,  International day of happiness, World toilet day – Its bizarre due to the fact that more than two billion people don’t have access to proper sanitation.

Having said that, i strongly support any month or day, which brings about awareness of any disease or disorder or mental health state.  I have always been an avid supporter for the Breast Cancer month & Autism awareness month

However, I don’t think, we really need a special day to remind our loved ones, how precious they are, how much we value them. My husband taught me, It should be a gesture we provide in our every day-to-day life.

After a recent exhibition, we returned home totally exhausted. I was bone tired and slumped on the couch, barely able to raise my feet.  It took two long days of arduous efforts in setting up and dismantling, not one but two stalls for the exhibition.

We decided to leave all the supplies and exhibition material in the car and off load it the following day.  I knew all the boys were drained as well hence two of them hit the sack as soon as we got home, but one of my sons, decided to take the reins in his hands and managed to quietly offload the entire load out of the car, all by himself !!

Not only that, he also fed all 11 of our cats – while I was barely cooling off my heals and wondering how I would walk to the kitchen to feed the cats !!  These are those little acts of thoughtfulness that carry the reward of mountains in them.

Needless to say, when I did finally pluck myself off the couch from my trans-like zombie state, i realized what he had done for us.  I showered him with hugs and my blessings when I found out, how much he went above and beyond the call the duty.

These are things that leave a mark.  These are little acts that speak louder than any wrapped up gift.

Coming back to today’s post. . .

For those of you, who may be looking for Valentines day, decor ideas, here’s a small happy and romantic mantle decor which I put together.

Romantic Mantle decor

All the elements on the table are handmade, except the cages, flower pot and white candle stand.

With titles2

You can find the links to the tutorial of the above diy projects below :-

Tuna can makeover to candle stand

Puzzle blocks makeover to reversible signs

Frame makeover with twigs

Frame makeover with quilled paper flowers

Romantic table setup2Valentines day mantle decor 2Valentines day mantle decorValentines day mantleI hope you find inspiration in some of my projects and might consider attempting some of them.

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Christmas Mantle Decor Ideas

Some quirky and some whimsical Christmas Mantle decor ideas.





christmas mantle ideas 13christmas mantle ideas 12
christmas mantle ideas 15christmas mantle ideas 16christmas mantle ideas 14


christmas mantle ideas 3christmas mantle ideas 2


christmas mantle ideas 9christmas mantle ideas 8christmas mantle ideas 7


christmas mantle decor 11christmas mantle decor 10christmas mantle ideas 14

Below are three different variations        Arrow-FPTFY-12

christmas mantle ideas 4christmas mantle ideas 5christmas mantle ideas 6

Which ones did you like the best ? 

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Hope you  have a bright and happy day.


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Summing up 2017 – fateful or grateful.

Hello friends,

How have you all been ?  I hope and trust, life has been kind to you all.  Thank you for still following me, inspite of my unpredictable and erratic presence/absence in the blog-world.

2017 was a mixed bag year for us – literally !! It felt as though some one dumped us all in a bag and mixed us rather hard !!

It was a year where we lost a dear friend to a rare disease. Another dear friend buried his only 18 year old daughter due to abdominal adhesion.  Some family issues which I prefer not to discuss here. It was a year, we decided to take a hard look at our own circumstances, priorities and make some firm decisions about our near future. We moved homes, lost jobs and somewhere inbetween all this, discovered our own threshold of strength and patience.

I have always been a very firm believer of being GRATEFUL.  Grateful to Allah swt for every single blessing bestowed upon us.

In the absolute order, I am grateful for my health, my healthy and compassionate children, my healthy and caring husband, my healthy and blessed parents and I am grateful for all the comfort, I am living in. I am even more obliged that Allah bestowed me with immense talent.

Every second year, I find myself evolving ; a restless spirit, on a creative journey.  From paper, to wood, to wire to jewelry … it keeps feeding my inner drive to create, to change, to complete, to develop.

How can you complain, when you have been blessed with the medusa touch ? And yet, we mere mortals, chase materialistic gains, lofty positions and a shimmering facade.

Kuwait was our home for over 23 years.. My parents loved to play demi God, making plans and trying hard to make them a reality. Problem is, all Indian parents were doing the same, those days..  Then came 2nd Aug’ 1990 and it changed everything.  Our world was crushed under the armored vehicles and military tanks that Saddam Hussein sent to Kuwait.

That chapter taught me a very essential lesson in my life.. ..

” Take each day as it comes …. don’t PLAN for too far ahead …  ”

This vital principle is now ingrained in my entire being.  We are expats, living in a foreign land, which would never give us a passport, regardless of how many years, we give the country. That thought has always been a bit unnerving but then again, I took each day as it came, with optimism and gratitude.  Perhaps, I became too complaisant …….and 2017 was a jolt for me.  A wake up call.

I am pleased we were able to make firm decisions and take positive actions on those decisions.

I am an optimistic soul – the silver lining is my goal AND my armor.

So the clouds may have been a bit dark and heavy, but we still have a long way to go, and I’m pretty confident, Allah swt will reward us handsomely for our patience, in sha Allah.

2017 – reaffirmed my belief in being grateful.

…………….. in turning ONLY to the Almighty for all your needs.

………………complain to him, weep and share your insecurities with him.

He WILL answer ….. but remember, believing in him, also means believing in His Timing.

May all of you have a pleasant year, full of achievements and good health. ameen.

Thank you for visiting me today.



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A Must-Have Tool For Every Parent !

A must have tool

As a mother of 3 young boys, I may not be an authority on raising kids, but I have had my fair share of turbulent experiences which have taught me some valuable lessons.

I did not have a family-support system while my boys were babies, so I relied totally on books those days. Oh how I wish the world of internet had blossomed those days !!! 😦

One of the only draw-backs of having children, closely placed in age, is the stress when flue reoccurs on a regular basis in the house. The little kindergartner carry’s it from school and passes it happily to his preschooler brother, and before we know it, the little crawling bear, is also running temperature.

A lot of chores, become a industrial function like sterilizing bottles, laundry processes or even meal time !! So sterilizing toys is out of the question ! A mop and a box of tissue, are a mom’s best friends !!

I remember one dreadful episode, where my oldest son in Kindergarten-1 returned from school, with flushed red cheeks and high temperature, the poor chap fell to the floor, feeling so feeble, while I was feeding the other two toddlers, on the high chair.  As if, in some form of conspiracy, my middle son, puked out all his meal ~ and my youngest, perhaps decided, to synchronize his regurgitation as well.  I, all but nearly exploded in tears !!

Their clothes, hands, the high chair seat, and the floor were flooded with a mini pool of semi-liquid (you know what ) and not very far, lay my little buddy, feeling so low and waiting his turn for attention.

Question is, whom do you start with first for the clean up ?? child 1,  2 or 3 ??  What would you do ? Please share your experience. Don’t worry, its not a tricky question to judge you !! Whom am I to judge ANY mother, while I carry trophy’s  of goof up’s myself. In most cases, these goof-ups enrich us with valuable lessons. So no judging here 🙂

For any of you, who have a couple of toddlers running around behind your apron, please don’t let this story alarm you , for, such episodes were far and few between !

I don’t like to generalize but I feel, as a new generation of mommies, we are, an-over-protective lot ! We panic for every small scratch on their elbows to every tiny pinch.  The only medical issues that I ever took seriously, was head injury or high temperature.  Alhamduallah, we have had only one head concussion of my oldest so far (in 15 years) !! While an elderly visiting relative carried Buddy (3 year old) on the edge of a shopping trolley cart and bumped into a speed breaker on the street in high speed ! Little Buddy fell to the ground and his little head took the entire intense impact as it hit the concrete ground. Where was I ? I was toeing the stroller for child #2.

That was a difficult night for me. We spent it at the ER of Rashid hospital after Buddy puked twice and was in a delirious state.  I realized just how fragile my son’s state was and I blamed myself for having trusted my precious son, in the care of someone clearly irresponsible despite his age.  Ofcourse, accidents can happen anywhere and everywhere, but as a parent, we tend to be more cautious of our own children’s protection, when we are with them rather than anyone else could ever be. Two days later, Buddy was fit as a fiddle and as a grateful mother, I had learnt two crucial lessons :-

  • ~ NO shopping carts / trolley rides for my boys
  • ~Never trust ANYONE with your own child until he/she realizes he is going to be held fully responsible for them.

While I was growing up, my tonsils had to be removed, and I remember, with every seasonal change, I would fall sick with high fever and throat infection. I have a very sensitive mouth and there are many things that I still cant stand, the taste or feel of, in my mouth. The mercury-in glass thermometer was one such taste, I detested !

If only we had these amazing apparatus’ that they have today.  One such apparatus is the Braun ThermoScan. This ear thermometer is fantastic.  Efficient, accurate and I don’t have to keep it steady in my boys’ mouth for a few minutes !! At the tab of a button, in a fraction of a minute, the results are delivered while your child lies oblivious of a tiny cone in his/her ear.

It has age-adjustable fever guidance for the entire family and so easy to carry on overseas trips.  In all honesty, it is so user friendly, that I never really referred to the manual inorder to operate it.

Our bodies have been designed very efficiently by Allah almighty. Fever is a sign, that the body, indicates to us, of some form of infection, taking place in the body. And although, fever can be monitored and controlled with medicines, it is important to keep a track of fever, lest it causes (and it does) any serious damage.

This apparatus has helped me tremendously in monitoring my children’s flu/fever related issues, and I would happily recommend this tool to all homes.

Oh dear !!  just in case, I sound like an advertisement, let me assure you that I have not been paid for this post !! 🙂 🙂

DSC_1536 DSC_1537 DSC_1538

(sadly, my middle son’s health has taken a beating with a terrible viral, hence the above, steep rise in temperature.

Thank you for visiting me today.

As much as, I hope you learnt something from my experiences, I hope you will share some of  yours too, with me.

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Craft supplies shopping in London

This post has been overdue for nearly a month, if not longer. I wanted to share with you’ll some of the goodies that I bought while in London for our summer holidays.

One of the biggest confusions, we always have, travelling as a family overseas, is the time for my craft goodies ! Being in a foreign land, we are as it is, torn between filling out days with visiting scores of museums, parks, historical sites etc and to add to the stress, I generally drop a bomb or two, for shopping for my craft goodies 🙂

Generally there is a vote and of course, its not fun when mama is upset so I get away with squeezing atleast a couple of hours for hunting my beloved goods. One thing, I noticed about London is, that being a first world country, people like to shop online and realty is far too expensive hence very few stores have established outlets unless they are eateries or mobile phone stores !!

One of the best stores (or rather ONLY store) that I visited for craft goods was “Hobby Crafts”  A timely tip from a cousin, made it possible for me to search for it on the Sat Nav and ofcourse, then persuade samie  !!

You know that feeling that you had as a kid, when you entered a toy store full of toys that were free for you ??? No ? Well, that’s exactly, how I felt when I entered the store ! It felt like I was in the happiest place in the world for me !! The choices were vast ~ variety was amazing and whats great is that they have two stories full of arts and crafts ! No matter how much I write, nothing can explain, just how much fun that entire experience was. Hence I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Oh AND BTW, Hobbycraft has not paid me to write about them but I wouldn’t mind, if they did pay me 😉  ♣


Oh yes ! Doesn’t it look like the place you could easily get lost in ??? I know I did !


Here are some of my valuable goods from that shopping spree !

And ofcourse I bought a mother load of sharpies too of various nibs !


Couldn’t have enough of these Spectrum color markers !! These are like copic markers ~ alcohol based markers.


CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY OF THE ACRYLIC STAMPS !! Love the steam punk one and the keys one too.


Cant wait to start with these babies !!



Its incredibly difficult to choose 10 of the best designs from a good 50+ ! This is a relatively newer brand and much less expensive than spellbinders.


I just have to admit, that the rectangle die cut on the right has to be my favorite so far ! Oh and another diecut set which was absolutely phenomenal is this one in the center ~ it has a lot to offer for the person good with sewing like scissors, spool, needle, yarn, model ~ and all these are diecuts !!! Endless possibilities !  Its absolutely expensive but so worth it !! 🙂


Sizzix diecuts, a punch and a border punch. 2 sets of wood mounted alphabet rubberstamps. This orange punch is kinda new coz you can actually use it as a border punch or you can get individual coin punches too. Very innovative.



Don’t you just love the fall colors !!


Cant have enough of these ! This bag was at a discounted price.



Unusual bookmarks, clipboard key chain and miniature size safety pins !


These rubberstamp sets were actually a part of the magazines that I bought. Can you believe it !! I bought so many craft/scrapbooking/hobby magazines and they are all came with these gifts !! Yuppee !!


I picked this lovely collection of design paper in blue and pink, from Hobby crafts. Its a large pack of 12″ x 12″ with beautiful pastel designs.


Paints, paints and more paints ~ modge podge, crackle medium and a load of acrylic paints.


Small size clamps


I have this huge “thing” for designed wooden pieces ~ be it heart or stars ! One day I hope I am able to make these myself ~ till then, I think, I can indulge in these 😉


For when I finally start working with carving wood !


I am a huge sucker for fridge magnets !! Both my fridges are stormed with magnets 😦    I love these magnets. Each with such intricate artwork and lovely quotes. We picked these from Lake district in Windermere.


This 3 tier cupcake tray was to die for !! I just fell in love with it ~ and fell out of that love, once told how much it cost ! But this was a gift nevertheless from the boys for me 🙂  Aren’t my boys, the “bestest” !! We bought this from a beautiful little store in the lake district.


Isnt this a beauty or what !!! Its a book holder ~ more for recipe books in the kitchen. It weighs enormously ! Its solid wrought iron.


Nail guns are such a handy tool however, I couldn’t find any in Dubai inspite of  looking high and low for them ! For whatever reason, even Ace hardware did not have them ~ luckily, I found these in London. And bought a bunch of extra pins and nails. They come in batches of thousands.


So that’s it !

Some women, like to buy sandals, some bags, some diamonds and I love to buy tools that will help me create things ! I cant thank my husband enough for being as patient as he was and my wonderful, boys managed to keep their dad engaged in the store next door ( Sports direct ) while mama could have her fill, peacefully.

Oh, in case, your wondering, the last 7 pictures are not items we bought at Hobby crafts.

So that’s it !! I’m feeling so relieved having shared my priced shopping goods with you’ll.

Oh and BTW, I painstakingly kept all the receipts and the VAT reimbursement form for the VAT claim at the airport  ( ♥ thankfully we don’t have this tax business in Dubai ) ~ and guess what ??? Turns out, the airport VAT counter travelex opens at 7:00 in the morning and closes at 10:00 pm. Our  flight was to depart at 9:15 !!!!  Which meant, that with roughly 50 passengers ahead of us, our chances of making it to the counter were so dim.

What’s more weird (but somewhat sensible) is that you have to keep the said items out for inspection  (which in some cases means an entire suitcase !!) ~ The queue for the counter was ridiculously huge with every passenger unpacking his suitcase just to display his goods  !!  My initial attempt to keep Sawaabi with the small trolley bag full of my items at the counter while I juggled between the check in counter and the travelex counter was turning out into a nightmare !!   In the end, we just let it go !! What a complete wasted effort !  Oh well, we learnt our lesson ! Which is ??????  Not sure what 😉

Anyways ~ What matters is that I may have had to pay a tax, but I am a happier person with so many toys to play with. Its been alittle over a month and I have still not unpacked the markers. The rest I have found some use for.

I trust you found my post informative and perhaps even inspirational 😉  Please share with me your experience of craft stores in London. Would love to know, what I missed 🙂

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Have a beautiful weekend !


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Breast Cancer ribbons tutorial

Hello friends.

Two things went very wrong last month which has been the leading cause for my absence from my blog home 😦

I learnt my lesson the hard way that One has to be extra careful with any electronic gadgets/equipment in any overseas trip ~ which ofcourse, I wasn’t ! And I paid the price ~ or rather, am still paying the price for it.

Downloading tom tom on my laptop has lead it to act very weird ~ my internet connection as well as usb connectors have to be reconfigured ! Sheesh !! As if that was not bad enough, my camera, (due to a humpty dumpt fall ) has now got a tiny scratch on the lens, and the battery cage has gotten so loose that that the battery flips out easily !!  Being a slave to the keyboard of my own laptop and clarity & focal strength of my own camera, I refuse to use the boys’ laptop or camera :((   Not the most ideal situation to be in, for a creative blogger :((((((

Frustrating as it is, I have managed to turn around this situation to my favor, and made last month a truly gratifying one.  How ? I have indulged in over a dozen projects !!!!!  Super fun ~ super refreshing ~ super colorful ~ super recycling stuff !!!   Sometimes, I just have to take one step away from the keyboard and one step towards my work station to do what I LOVE the most ~ creating.

A little over 17 projects are waiting in queue to be shared here but I will start today with the most simplest of them.  Buddy’s school had a breast cancer event and he wanted to give some bows to some special teachers and friends.  If you know, Buddy, then you know that most of his “notifications” to me, generally land up at the 11th hour ~ so too with this event.

Luckily enough, I had all the basic material for this project at hand, so it was just within a matter of half an hour, that the entire presentation was ready !!

Really, its that simple.

Materials :

  • Scissors
  • Pink ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • tiny jewel/stud/bling
  • a pin/safety pin or any clip to attach the ribbon to the shirt. You could also use tiny magnets.
  • For packaging,
  • scraps of cardstock. (Didn’t I tell you how much I looooove to recycle !)
  • pinking sheers
  • a cd envelope/case


Cut a 2 inch ribbon diagonally and simply give it a loose twist meeting midway length. Join them with a dot of hot glue using the hot glue gun.


Using the hot glue gun, embellish the meeting point with jewels/bling etc


Next hot glue the pins to the back of the bow, in such a way that the pin is not seen from upfront.


Take a small scrap cardstock, cut the edges using a pinking sheer ~  punch two tiny holes with the cropadile, just like in the picture below.


Insert the pins into the holes and voila ~ Your ready with the bows !!







I have used this Pink CD cover to gift wrap them.


Such a simple gift but I had Buddy’s friends and teachers leave me messages of appreciation !


Ofcourse, you must have noticed the picture quality is pretty poor and far from doing justice to the “REAL” color and presentation.  But for now, and till the time my dotting camera is fixed, this’ll have to do 😦

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Thank you for visiting me today ~ I hope you have a fun filled weekend !


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Pepper the cat.


Introducing my very possessive and very confused feline baby : Pepper !!

This cat is nearly 6 years old and has adopted us as his family since he was a mere 3 weeks old. His favorite spot being Samie’s ears and shoulder !! Yet he suffers from a distinct identity crisis. He has difficulty believing he is a cat. Infact, sometimes, he probably believes, his brothers are deformed !! I mean,” why dont they have whiskers and why cant they run as fast as me ?”, he asks.

Like most domesticated felines, he is rather fussy about “when” he wants to eat.

The morning rush, is not the best place to be in my kitchen ~ I mean, its a chaotic place, where lunch boxes are being prepared, sandwiches, fruits and alot of imagination are being tossed around !! Yet, in the middle of all my running express trains, is Pepper, asking for his bowl to be filled just then !!! Well, I understand his logic … ” My brothers are having breakfast just now, so why cant I ?? ”

Its a mothers plight ~ to give or not to give. So he has to take the backseat. And poor my darling, refuses to eat once the boys have left for school 😦

He is hurt ~ he is disappointed in his mommy. And suddenly he realizes, the doors going to open and he has a whole “white” world to paint on in the courtyard and off he goes to have his morning basking session.

This little tot, LOVES to eat “literally” from the palm of my hand. Its his special treat. When I notice, a meal was not touched in the morning, I simply place it on my palms, and he relishes it so !! What a weird but adorable cat !!

Infact for a couple of his early years, this little bugger, used to use his paws to pick food and eat them – like us humans !!! I mean, who’d heard of that !!!


Actually he’s not weird, he’s just “still-searching for his true personality” and personality, he has in oodles. He is intelligent, he is handsome and he is super possessive about his mom, dad, brothers and home. (not exactly in the same order though ) Keiki our older feline is to him like Ode to Garfield.

Pepper, still has a tendency to suck my fingers and go to sleep after that !! He’s been doing it since he was a finger old !!
When we moved from Arabian Ranches to Al Warqaa, my primary worry was their welfare. I worried, how they would adjust and adapt to the new environment. The sound of aeroplanes, the sound of dogs and chickens and cocks ( all my neighbours are fond of raising chickens !!) I introduced the sourroundings to them very gradually after nearly a week of being restricted in the house. I also scattered some of their litter granuels in the outside fence so that other cats may get the message.

And yes, becoz Mushrif Park is just a stones throw away from home, we are visited by scores and scores of migratory birds of various colors and chirps ! So yeah, while keiki struggled with the new setup, Pepper took to it like a fish to water. All he wanted was to be with us. He needed security of his family, his brothers and his parents. He “almost immediately” claimed his territory here. Thank God for that.

Truth be said, there’s little we worry about our home on our holidays, but we constantly worry about Keiki and Pepper. They are such a huge part and integral part of our family that it just seems void of any “completeness” without them.

Here are some really funny and cute pics of Mr Pepper ~ the boy in a cats body 🙂