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Tutorial – Wreath from a pizza box !

Hello friends,

Thank you very much for all your encouragement and well wishes, that you leave in your comments, for the projects I share here.  It is a joy to read each one of your  messages.  Truly humbled.

Tutorial for upcycling pizza box into a wreath

It really breaks my heart to see the amount of cardboard and plastic, in good condition, being dumped.

I love finding ways to reuse, upcycle or repurpose household stuff, especially kitchen ware like plastic bottles, cereal boxes, milk cartons, milk jugs etc.

We have a set tradition of having Pizza from Pizza Hut for Friday lunch (our weekend)

And that’s how I have heaps of pizza boxes !!

Today, I am sharing a simple yet easy way to use the cardboard from the pizza box to make a wreath.

The felt flowers are also handmade. You can find the tutorial to those HERE.

This frame was salvaged from a friend, who was leaving the country and wanted to get rid of it since it was too large and had no glass in the front. Ofcourse, I rescued it.

Here’s the tutorial :

upcycle pizza box to wreathUpcycled pizza box into wall decorupcycle pizza boxRepurpose pizza box tutorialrepurpose pizza box tutorial (2)Repurpose pizza box tutorial (1)Upcycle pizza box tutorialRecycle pizza box tutorialBlack and white wreath

Link for Tutorial for felt flowers

Black and white wreath (1)

Now for the bunting:

Bunting for wreath

RubberstampsBunting and rubberstampingFelt flowers on wreath

The heart shape in the wreath is made with white foam which was packaging material in the box, from a recently bought earphone set.  I added a felt heart and a button over it. And voila, it looks lovely !

CARDBOARD WREATHRepurpose pizza box to wreathLovely wreathFrame and wreath with pizza boxwreath for youTutorial for upcycling pizza box into a wreathwreath and frameWreath from Pizza boxwreath with pizza box

I think, its stinkin cute !   I liked it enough to have it hung in the hallway.

Black and white stripes with pops reds and pinks is just so attractive.

I believe, crafters can breath life into any mundane object with their glue guns and some paint  🙂 – One minute that box could have been chugged into the bin but we found a way to make it adorn our walls.

Although, I have designed the frame and wreath with the HOME sentiment,  It could be easily replaced with words like Love, faith, friends or names of festivals.

I hope you find inspiration in my projects and might consider attempting some of them.

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Tutorial – Felt flowers and uses.

Hi friends.

Today I am sharing a few samples of flowers made with felt.

felt flowers for valentines

Whether your crafting with children or adults, you’ll love playing with felt. Its an easy material, which is quite forgiving.  Unlike paper, its not very thin, and unlike fabric, its not very fluid. It can hold its shape well and can be adhered easily, with just a dab or two, of glue.

There are several tutorials available on Youtube to demonstrate how to make different types of flowers with felt.  Since I was designing a few, I took a few pictures.

felt flower tutorial 1Once you cut out the large circle, start cutting the inside border like so


felt flower tutorial 2

Once you roll the flower to the end, add some hot glue to the base of the flower, and adhere the rolled up flower to the base.  I could not take a photo of that. ( I would need three arms to do so !)

felt flower (1)

Attach two green leaves to the back of the base and voila ! Here you have it.felt flower (2)

felt flower (3)
Six felt circles is all it takes, to make this lovely flower.

felt flower 1felt flower tutorial (1)

felt flower tutorial (2)
You need a  long strip of felt, 2 cm wide and 9 cm long for this flower.

felt flower tutorialfelt flower

felt necklace
This is an easy necklace made with leftover strips of excess felt. Just roll two different colors of felt together ( same width) and form this quill. Use little hot glue to seal the ends.  I sewed the rolls together with a thick needle. 
felt bookmark
This is a simple yet effective bookmark made with a little elastic string and three felt circles.

Kids love to craft with felt.  Something about the texture and bright colors, really attracts little ones.

In addition to the bookmark and necklace, I have used felt to design flowers for hair accessories, jewelry like brooches and journal covering, in the past.

So, have you crafted with felt, ever ?

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border stonebar

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