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Tutorial – Tray Makeover with Decoupage

This makeover was easy and fun – just the kinda projects, I enjoy.

1The steps are super easy.

Decoupage is a very forgiving form of art. Alot of errors can be overlooked and ‘hidden’.

There’s something so soothing about shabby chic hence I’ve used pastel peach color. (Just cannot stand the wood color – but did not want to dump the tray either.)

tray makeover 1
Started with sanding the tray gently, followed by the first coat of gesso.

tray before and after 2

tray makeover 2
This is the first coat of white gesso.
tray transformation 3
completing the first coat of gesso.
tray makeover 4
Second coat of gesso followed by a single coat of pastel peach color.
tray before and after
Loving the shabby chic look already !
wooden tray decoupage
I cannot emphasis how crucial, drying period is between coats.
tray makeover watermarked
i gave the tray a singe coat of modge podge.  Then I cut out some textured rice paper from #Creativa and genty spread it in the center of the tray. A few smaller flowers were stuck on the sides as well.  Remember to remove the air bubbles. I finished it off with another coat of modge podge and Voila !!

tray decoupage 2tray decoupage 1

I love makeovers ! Lending a new lease of life to an old piece of furniture, utensil etc is such a delight.

Have you tried decoupage ? Believe me, its just a fancy french name for a very simple and fun craft.  Do, give it a go !

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I feel, most of us, prosper and enjoy our art, mainly becoz we have got the encouragement from our spouces. They are cooperative, they adjust, they let us shine in our achievement when we are chosen as a member of a DT or when we have won a card challenge or even won a blog candy. They dont take our tapping keys on the keyboard at odd hours, very seriously or imagine what we’d be doing ???

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