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A Must-Have Tool For Every Parent !

A must have tool

As a mother of 3 young boys, I may not be an authority on raising kids, but I have had my fair share of turbulent experiences which have taught me some valuable lessons.

I did not have a family-support system while my boys were babies, so I relied totally on books those days. Oh how I wish the world of internet had blossomed those days !!! 😦

One of the only draw-backs of having children, closely placed in age, is the stress when flue reoccurs on a regular basis in the house. The little kindergartner carry’s it from school and passes it happily to his preschooler brother, and before we know it, the little crawling bear, is also running temperature.

A lot of chores, become a industrial function like sterilizing bottles, laundry processes or even meal time !! So sterilizing toys is out of the question ! A mop and a box of tissue, are a mom’s best friends !!

I remember one dreadful episode, where my oldest son in Kindergarten-1 returned from school, with flushed red cheeks and high temperature, the poor chap fell to the floor, feeling so feeble, while I was feeding the other two toddlers, on the high chair.  As if, in some form of conspiracy, my middle son, puked out all his meal ~ and my youngest, perhaps decided, to synchronize his regurgitation as well.  I, all but nearly exploded in tears !!

Their clothes, hands, the high chair seat, and the floor were flooded with a mini pool of semi-liquid (you know what ) and not very far, lay my little buddy, feeling so low and waiting his turn for attention.

Question is, whom do you start with first for the clean up ?? child 1,  2 or 3 ??  What would you do ? Please share your experience. Don’t worry, its not a tricky question to judge you !! Whom am I to judge ANY mother, while I carry trophy’s  of goof up’s myself. In most cases, these goof-ups enrich us with valuable lessons. So no judging here 🙂

For any of you, who have a couple of toddlers running around behind your apron, please don’t let this story alarm you , for, such episodes were far and few between !

I don’t like to generalize but I feel, as a new generation of mommies, we are, an-over-protective lot ! We panic for every small scratch on their elbows to every tiny pinch.  The only medical issues that I ever took seriously, was head injury or high temperature.  Alhamduallah, we have had only one head concussion of my oldest so far (in 15 years) !! While an elderly visiting relative carried Buddy (3 year old) on the edge of a shopping trolley cart and bumped into a speed breaker on the street in high speed ! Little Buddy fell to the ground and his little head took the entire intense impact as it hit the concrete ground. Where was I ? I was toeing the stroller for child #2.

That was a difficult night for me. We spent it at the ER of Rashid hospital after Buddy puked twice and was in a delirious state.  I realized just how fragile my son’s state was and I blamed myself for having trusted my precious son, in the care of someone clearly irresponsible despite his age.  Ofcourse, accidents can happen anywhere and everywhere, but as a parent, we tend to be more cautious of our own children’s protection, when we are with them rather than anyone else could ever be. Two days later, Buddy was fit as a fiddle and as a grateful mother, I had learnt two crucial lessons :-

  • ~ NO shopping carts / trolley rides for my boys
  • ~Never trust ANYONE with your own child until he/she realizes he is going to be held fully responsible for them.

While I was growing up, my tonsils had to be removed, and I remember, with every seasonal change, I would fall sick with high fever and throat infection. I have a very sensitive mouth and there are many things that I still cant stand, the taste or feel of, in my mouth. The mercury-in glass thermometer was one such taste, I detested !

If only we had these amazing apparatus’ that they have today.  One such apparatus is the Braun ThermoScan. This ear thermometer is fantastic.  Efficient, accurate and I don’t have to keep it steady in my boys’ mouth for a few minutes !! At the tab of a button, in a fraction of a minute, the results are delivered while your child lies oblivious of a tiny cone in his/her ear.

It has age-adjustable fever guidance for the entire family and so easy to carry on overseas trips.  In all honesty, it is so user friendly, that I never really referred to the manual inorder to operate it.

Our bodies have been designed very efficiently by Allah almighty. Fever is a sign, that the body, indicates to us, of some form of infection, taking place in the body. And although, fever can be monitored and controlled with medicines, it is important to keep a track of fever, lest it causes (and it does) any serious damage.

This apparatus has helped me tremendously in monitoring my children’s flu/fever related issues, and I would happily recommend this tool to all homes.

Oh dear !!  just in case, I sound like an advertisement, let me assure you that I have not been paid for this post !! 🙂 🙂

DSC_1536 DSC_1537 DSC_1538

(sadly, my middle son’s health has taken a beating with a terrible viral, hence the above, steep rise in temperature.

Thank you for visiting me today.

As much as, I hope you learnt something from my experiences, I hope you will share some of  yours too, with me.

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20 Ways to recycle fancy carry bags/shopping bags.

Hello friends. I’m so glad your visiting me today. How have you been ?

If you’re visiting me, having read the title of this post, then naturally, your a craft or a recycling enthusiast. Either ways, I am so happy to share some of my ideas with you.

Two things that are found in abundance after any seasonal holiday, are, carry bags and wrapping papers. As a nature lover, I find myself investing a lot of my time, energy and creativity around, recycling, reusing and upcycling things. There can be nothing but gains out of this initiative.

Today, I am sharing a very simple idea with you.  My children take my craft studio for granted !! They assume that any and every art related supply can be provided on a 24 hourly basis ~ free of charge ~ in my studio !! Hence, finding them snooping around in the studio at odd hours, looking for a special design paper, or a fine nib sharpie, does not surprise me anymore. What’s more, I almost expect them to arrive at the 11th hour, in need of some ‘urgent’ help for a school project !!

Such was the case of my youngest, who, comes in late one evening looking for a large craft sheet for a Ronald Dahl project. I did not have one at my disposal but I noticed I had 2 large carry bags from a baby store,  which could fit the bill. A little trimming here and there, a few snips and we had our very colorful chart ready.

Its not something extravagant. Its something very simple which cost, virtually NOTHING !!  His classmates never realized that it was just a carry bag turned into a chart paper. (until he pointed it out to them)  I am glad, that the few students in his class, now realize, that they too, don’t need to dump large, fancy carry-bags.

They too can use it in numerous ways.  If nothing else, Paper bags can be recycled with other paper items, making them as easy to recycle as tossing them in the bin or taking them to a collection center.

20 ways with carry bags


DSC_0357 DSC_0358 DSC_0359 DSC_0362 DSC_0363

Ronald Dahl school project

I have turned this carry bag into a chart paper for a project. However, because, these carry bags use a sturdy quality of paper so as to carry things, their general quality can serve various other uses too. For instance :-

You can :-

  • Cut bits of these in various shapes and stick it to your pencils, as pencil poppers
  • Use them to cover journals or autograph books or even book binding
  • Cut and stick large heart and star shapes onto a straw and gift it to your class friends etc
  • Cut small pieces and make a collage out of it.
  • Make a flip book from them.
  • Cut thin strips and use in quilling projects
  • Cut long and large sheets and make bookmarks from them
  • With the help of a paper punch, cut designs and use as a sticker.
  • There are several youtube videos to show you how to make small boxes with sturdy and glossy paper.
  • You could also make a simple envelope with them.
  • Making hats, calls for sturdy chart paper, replace it with our very-own-carry bag !! 
  • You can also use them in crafts like puppet-making
  • Or make large colorful flowers for a wreath !
  • Why not make a pin-wheel with this excellent material !

Another important aspect to remember is, that the cord handle of these bags are so useful too !!!

  • Attach a bell or a feather and turn it into a cat toy
  • Glue some of them into a round coil shape and you have a lovely embellishment for your cards etc
  • You could also hot glue some of them in a coil shape and attach it to a hair pin
  • Use them in string art
  • Glue them on a toilet roll and get your little ones to use it as a painting accessory for textures.

These are just a few ways of recycling fancy carry bags, but I’m certain, there are dozens more ways of recycling which I haven’t thought off !  Please share with me your efforts in recycling too.

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Ikea Pigeon Hole Organizer Makeover Tutorial

Ikea pigeon hole organizer makeover

I love the Ikea pigeon hole organizer.  Not necessary for functionality but I just love the look of tiny pockets ! This pigeon hole organizer  has been in the family for a couple of years.

Buddy would keep his hot wheels cars in them.  Eventually He outgrew the toys and I was only too happy to be the next recipient. Ofcourse, by now, you already know, that few things get dumped in our home, until and unless the cats chew on them or pee on them !!!

A little tender, love and makeover is all it kept screaming out to me for ~ until finally I decided to decoupage it.

Decoupage sounds like a very fancy French word but in reality, it just means to stick objects with paper cut outs. So don’t let the French term, intimidate you 🙂

The surface needs to be cleaned and sanded well. A layer of modge podge or any such medium can be applied. Then you can cut out pieces of tissue or paper and stick it on carefully. Make sure to get any air bubbles out.  When your certain, that its dried, apply another coat of modge podge to seal it. This is the tutorial in a nut shell.

Here’s the pictorial 🙂


Hideous, isn’t it ??? Whats the connection between little boys and the skull face with two cross bones, still remains a mystery to me !!


Ugly paint sticking out from our previous wall paint on its edges.


First, I gathered design paper, in various patterns and colors and decided how the collage should be placed. This project is excellent at getting rid of good by small scraps of paper !


Took measurements and decided which cutouts would contrast with which patterns. Then came my drawer of amazing edge punches ! Oh how I love Martha stewart 🙂 ok ok Fiskars, I love you too 🙂


One after the other, I distressed the edges and kept covering them all with modge podge. (I am quite the distress-addict 🙂


For the top, side and bottom, I painted some off-white synthetic paint. Two coats got me the results I wanted.


Finally, I coated one layer of modge podge on the pigeon holes.              AND ………………………………………….. VOILA !!!!!!!!


Talking of decoupage, If your looking for decoupage supplies in Dubai. I am happy to recommend the decoupage specialist, Creativa Middle East. Located at Times Square, they have a huge array of art and decoupage supplies. Definitely the go-to place for Decoupage.








I love the transformation and hope you liked it too.

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Have you attempted any transformations lately ? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

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Face Qibla.

Hello friends.

It feels wonderful being back after my Ramadhan break.  I am grateful to be alive, in good health and happy to be able to fill you up with my creative endeavors.

Today I am sharing a simple plaque.  The message is the focus, and the message is deep ~ hence I did not want to add any fancy embellishments to distract the essence of this quote.

The definition of Qiblah is the direction of the Kaaba (the sacred building at Mecca), to which Muslims turn to, at prayer.

Muslims all over the world, pray towards the Kaaba, five times a day.  However the meaning of this quote is far deeper than that.



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Blessings & a light house .. .. ..

Hello Ladies .. I am still continuing with the fourth card from my “Mojo Jolt” series. I am quite certain, I get possessed certain days of the week and the result of which are all these bits and pieces on these fabulous papers !

Getting back with the lighthouse card, well, some cards just have a way of getting transformed themselves.  I feel most of the time, it is the pattern paper and the sketch that should get all the credit. This card is close to me becoz it has such a quiet charm and appeal.. The pattern paper is again from my GUILT TRIP.  The sketch is gorgeous and I have made a few alterations to house the ribbons here. 

If you have read any of my previous posts, then you know, that I have a ‘thing’ for simplistic and clean looks. ( in terms of card making )

Love this digi image and have used it earlier too. But it is just so versatile. It conveys a very strong image and can carry just about any sentiment with it. I have chosen “Count my blessings” on a tag. Since I love having tags somewhere/anywhere. I have used the eyelet to attach the tag to the diamond shaped image so actually, it can move around, upwards and downwards.

Three tiny buttons with three ribbons. What is it with ribbons and buttons !! I am playing with reds and pinks for the first time and I was apprehensive in the begining but I am very pleased with the final look. Probably becoz the pink is full of strong tight patterns.

The list is endless when it comes to who the recipient of this card could be. To a son, father, husband,brother ….. again, it could very easily be given to ladies as well. A sentiment like this on valentines would be so so ideal and ‘real’.

I was inspired by the sketch from and ironically I was late in linking it to them and I missed the bus 🙂

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  • spots and dots

    Until my next card/project.

    Be safe and pop over again. See ya !