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Tutorial -How to upcycle wooden puzzle blocks?

What do you do when some of your puzzle blocks are missing ?

What do I do ?

Why ofcourse, I upcycle them. But naturally  .. Problem solved !


My oldest son is extremely fond of solving puzzles. However with 2 younger brothers around him who enjoy tossing puzzles pieces more than joining them together .. the older one has had it difficult and puzzle blocks go missing. ūüė¶

Inspite of being incomplete, I kept them packed away for the longest time, until recently, when I decided to give them a makeover. (Its just NOT in my nature, to toss them out ūüôā )

So here is a simple pictorial of the transformation.

puzzle blocks makeoverpuzzle block makeover 4

I gently, wiped these blocks with a slightly damp rag.puzzle block makeover 3

Then applied two coats of indigo acrylic, on all sides of the blocks.

upcycle puzzle block

When the diecut machine is in progress, I like to cut a bunch of flowers, which i store in egg trays like this :upcycle egg tray to organizer

I found some diecuts that fit perfectly in the squarespuzzle block upcycle

I destressed the edges of the diecuts and stamped the letters which spelt FAMILY on one side and BE MINE on the other side.

acrylic rubber stamps

This how they look after adhering them on one side :- reversible blocks signreversible blocks diyreversible block repurpose

While one side has the letters which forms FAMILY, the other has letters which stand for BE MINE

valentine home decor

Inorder to make these beautiful blocks more durable – I gave them a single coat of modge podge.valentine decorvalentine blocks giftdoodle buddies upcyclebe mine blocksupcycle craft project2

So how do you like it ?

Isn’t it really easy ?

I continue to share projects that can inspire my friends and readers with ways to reuse/recycle/repurpose/upcycle household items.

Every decision starts with a very small but firm, first step. I hope you embrace the idea of recycling or repurposing this year.

If you have been recycling already,  I would love to read some of your ideas for eco friendly crafts too.

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Tutorial – DIY desk organizer

Hello friends,

upcycle can stationery organizer 0

Two important aspects of any crafters life is inspiration and storage !!¬† And somehow both these two aspects seem to go hand in hand. Although I “think’ I breeze through, even in a cluttered chaos, I know, I would be much more productive¬† in a more organized set up, where all my tools and supplies are easily accessible.

I am a visual person – I need my tools to be seen, so as to be able to use them. A punch which is tucked away in one of my bins, generally does NOT get played with – AT ALL ūüė¶

So these past weeks, i used up most of my “recyclable stock pile” and made a few desk organizers.

I hope you enjoy this pictorial and find some inspiration to use up those cans lying around in the kitchen.

upcycle can stationery organizer 1
Clean cans thoroughly and organize them in a rectangular or circular manner.
Upcycle Can Stationery Organizer 11
Although i have brush – painted two coats of acrylic colors on these cans, I would recommend spray paint cans

upcycle can stationery organizer 14

Decide in which order, you’d like to place the cans.

Upcycle Can Stationery Organizer 13
Gather the cans together and glue them together on the sides where they meet each other
Upcycle Can stationery Organizer 12
The 1 kg yoghurt bucket, comes with a white handle which fit in, snugly in the middle container, so that I could be lifted.
Upcycle Can Stationery Organizer 10
So as to enforce them together, I wrapped them with a large ribbon. You can use any fabric, ribbon or even jute or twine. I also adhered this lovely frill ribbon from Daiso, on the edge. 


Upcycle Can Stationery Organizer 5

upcycle can stationery organizer 8
I am using the lid of the cookie box as the base of the organizer.  I used STRONG STIK glue to stick the cans to the base. It is a remarkable glue, which I bought from Creative Minds. 
Upcycle Can stationery organizer 9
I was not quite satisfied with the ribbon, hence I added two thinner orange ribbons on the border to give it a more defined look.

Upcycle Can stationery organizer 4

upcycle can stationery organizer 6
This silver stand had not been used in decades, so it was more than happy with its new found job role !!¬† It provided a much needed height and was quite stable. We don’t want a stand that could topple all the contents.¬†

Upcycle can stationery organizer 2UPCYCLE CAN STATIONERY ORGANIZER 7upcycle can stationery organizer 3


And there you have it !

I love how all my promarkers, copics and paint markers are all now easily accessible. Its such a huge relief and joy.

I’m inspired to make a few more of these to house my scissors and paintbrushes etc.

Please drop in a line to tell me if and how, you liked this frugal creation.

Recycled objects :-

  • Food cans
  • lid from cookie tin.
  • Serving stand.

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Upcycle A Broken Mirror

” Not only did I design the jewelry but I also designed the jewelry display stand !! “

Some of my favorite words are, create, creativity, craft, upcycle and repurpose !          What are yours ?


Like I explained in my previous post, I have been designing jewelry.   We held two trunk shows, and I found that we were short of display units for my leather jewelry collection.

Alittle scavenging into our shed, and my trusted wingman was back with a full size narrow mirror that we had dumped in there, a few years back !!¬† I bet your asking why I stored a broken mirror stand, right ?¬† My husband asks that ALL THE TIME !!!¬† I’ll give you the reply, I give him – We’ll find a use for it someday. (not that he ever believes me ūüôā )¬† But for once – THAT DAY, finally came !!

Obviously, the stand looked worn out but I decided, to keep the shabby chic distress look on the white border, but paint the cork board, within.


The diehard optimist in me, only noticed that the wood was sturdy and the size was perfect to hold as many as 40 pairs of earings !!

newDSC_6775JPG (1)

A couple of coats of paint should do the trick.


I  mixed some white acrylic to a pastel shade of peach and pink to get this color.

newestDSC_6777JPGnewDSC_6782JPG (2)

A dozen or so nails on the side to hang the strings at and voila ! We have a display unit to hang our jewelry – from TRASH !!!


Absolutely in love with this¬† piece !! Not only did I design the jewelry but I also designed the jewelry display stand !!!! ūüôā


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Home Sign post!

Hi friends !! I am absolutely delighted that my repurposed Pizza Box( mixed media art)  was featured in not one, not two but Six blogs !!!! Thank you, thank you so much dear friends afar !  Alittle encouragement goes a very long way. Thank you to all the following blog parties that featured my Pizza Box.

I  have several other pizza boxes which I may share in my next post. But today, I would love to share with you one of my first garden signs/courtyard signs/ pathway signs !! The best weather (depending on your definition of best !!) in Dubai is from November until February.  Day time is between warm to pleasant while late evenings can be chilly enough to call out the cardigans.

We get very very little rains here but when we do get a shower or two ~ the entire city shines and sparkles while the residents cheer and run out of their houses to experience the blessed rain drops.¬† I know, most of my blog visitors are from the west and you must think, “what is the matter with this woman ~ how can they like the rains ~ how can they not want some sun ~ how can they enjoy chilly evenings ” but you know, each one of us is blessed with something in abundance and we have been blessed with aloooooot of sunshine so we really cherish the little blissful “winter” ~ we receive ‚ô•

This post is not about the weather in Dubai or gardening in Dubai ~ but if you do have a backyard or courtyard, I may as well tell you that November is the best time to start preparing the soil and flower beds of the garden. I generally start working on my garden in full swing by November so that, come December, the garden looks inviting and can accommodate all our holiday  guests.

This year, I have worked on several d√©cor projects for the garden, one of which is a directional sign arrow for “Home” Its not something fancy but I really like how it turned out. It stands out with its pale white color and swirly fonts.¬† Following is a short pictorial/tutorial. DSCF6059

Recycled Material ~ Wood from Pallets !! DSCF6060

So, I started out with¬†a dumped “PALLET”¬† !! Yes, you heard me right, I chopped one plank of the pallet with my jigsaw.¬† Sanding it nicely and then giving it the arrow cuts on one end. I let the long perpendicular end remain rather rugged since a large part of it, would remain buried in the sand/pot.¬† I made sure the end of the support post was narrow so that it could be dug deep into the soil/pot. DSCF2091

A couple of nails from my newly bought  nail gun (the one I bought from London, remember, in the last blog post )  shot it together in the center. And then the sign post was ready for the aesthetic workshop. DSCF2092

Nothing fancy, just your regular pale plastic paint. It is glossy. Two coats of that did the job well. DSCF2093

When the paint had dried, nearly a day later or more, I free-handed the letters “HOME” on the arrow. The font I have used is :- Beyond Wonderland. Isnt it marvelous ??!! DSCF6134

The pencil writing was later made ready with sharpies markers and a rough border was added.¬† I did distress it alittle but just a little becoz I understand, It may have to still endure a lot of sun and will get distressed anyways ūüôā¬†¬† A single coat of modge podge was the last step in the process. I have used the checkered foam¬†stamp on the long support post. Voila !! FotoFlexer_Photo

This was my first attempt at making a sign post. I am pleased with the look. I hope you find this tutorial helpful and perhaps inspirational as well. Please share with me, any of your first wood work experiences. There are so so many fantastic ladies out there, in the blog world who are making such amazing wood works ! I hope this is my first wood work post in a loooooong series of posts about making plaques and sign posts. I am linking this post to the following blog parties :-


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DIY Cupcake stand Tutorial.

Thank you to all of you who visited me and left lovely messages of encouragement in my last post about that amazing PVC storage solution for Paper. Cardboard can be a crafters best friend ! And if the words, upcycle, recycle, reuse, repurpose, sound like music to your ears, then this project will really excite you. This post is about a Cup Cake stand that I made out of cardboards, lying around in the house. I have used a sturdy double corrugated cardboard. Used three different sizes of round objects to make the various round shapes. ( Including the large clock in my studio.) When we moved into this house, the movers had used these huge rolls of plastic to cover most of the furniture which was rolled over a thick heavy circular pole. DSCF2054 DSCF2055 Next, I used my electrical jigsaw to cut the pole, which can be quite tricky since you want to get a clean cut so that the stand does not wobble, once the weight is placed on it.  I got two pieces of equal sizes from it. I dressed up the two round pole, with a nice colorful cardstock using some hot glue. DSCF2058 I am not a stickler for accurate  measurements, hence I just used my visual approximation to see if it sat well. I used E6000 to do the job of the gluing the base of the circle to the stand which will keep it upright. Took some red patterned ribbon and hot glued it all around the circumference of the stands. DSCF2063 DSCF2066 I kept some weight on the center of the stand and let it sit for nearly 2 days and later tested it with a couple of empty cups to check durability and stability. DSCF2067 DSCF2069 DSCF2071 So voila ~ here it is ! A cupcake stand made out of cardboard ! Something creative, innovative and making it convenient on the environment !

DSCF2173 DSCF2175 Although this is traditionally for cupcakes, but you can easily alter it to use it as a display piece in a store, or to keep jewelry on. The uses are only limited by your imagination ! DSCF2176 DSCF2177 I will be using a large doily before presenting the cupcakes on the cupcake stand ofcourse. If your wondering how to do so, just place the doily over the stand and roughly pencil out how much circle would need to be taken off in the center. Then make a slit any one side of the doily and cut towards the center and carry on cutting in the direction of the penciled out center circle. I did not want to place the doily already, since it might catch dust sitting on my study desk. Please give me your opinion ~ I would really appreciate it. I am linking this post to the following parties :- Party Time at The 36th Avenue,¬†Home Sweet Home at The Charm of Home,¬†Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Creek Cottage,¬†Share Your Cup Party at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson,¬†Hookin’ Up with HOH at House of Hepworths,¬†Talkin’ about Thursday at Designed Decor,¬†Live Laugh Linky at Live Laugh Rowe,¬†Home and Garden Thursday at A Delightsome Life,¬†The Inspiration Gallery at Craftberry Bush,¬†Made U Look Linky at Made in a Day,¬†Creative Things Thursday at The Vintage Farmhouse,¬†Catch as Catch Can at My Repurposed Life,¬†Time Travel Thursday at The Brambleberry Cottage,¬†Catch a Glimpse Party at A Glimpse Inside,¬†52 Mantels,¬†Creative Inspirations Linky Party at Embracing Change,¬†Simply Create Link Party at Redfly Creations,¬†What To Do Weekends at Crafts a la Mode Simply Creations Link Party at My Simple Homelife,¬†Furniture Feature Friday at Miss Mustard Seed,¬†Inspire Me Please Link Party at Liz Marie Blog,¬†Frugal Friday at The Shabby Nest,¬†Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage,¬†What Have You Redone at Redoux Interiors,¬†Home Sweet Home at The Charm of Home,¬†Thrifty Things Friday at The Thrifty Groove,¬†Simple and Sweet Fridays at Rooted inThyme,¬†Be Inspired at Common Ground,¬†Faunt It Friday at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating,¬†Frugalicious Friday at Finding Fabulous,¬†Fabulously Creative Friday at Jennifer Rizzo,¬†Show and Tell Friday at Romantic Home,¬†Junkin’ Joe Vintage and Thrifty Finds at The Cottage Market,¬†Weekend Wrap-Up Party at Tatertots and Jello,¬†Shabbilicious Friday Link Party at Shabby Art Boutique,¬†Tickled Pink at 504 Main,¬†Anything Blue Friday at The Dedicated House,¬†Rustic Restorations Weekend Link Party at Homespun Happenings, ¬†Great Idea Thursdays at A Handful of Everything,¬†One Sharendipity Place at The T2 Women Blog,,

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Upcycle Wooden Blocks / Plaque for Family.

Hello friends !

Pinerest is my best friend !!!! Yeah ~ I know what you’re thinking¬†! ! But the honest truth is that I can spend a great many hours browsing from one link to another, pinning as I go along. Feeling cheerful just sharing some of the pins ~ and feeling so inspired when I read some of the talented ladies writing something like, “If I can do it, surely so can you” !!! It is just a crafters haven, I tell you. Its as though, one can virtually get lost in the hoards and hoards of pins and excieting projects !! Why would’nt it be my best friend !

Oh and BTW if your looking for my pin account, here it is :-  and NO ~ Pinterest did not pay me to write about them !!!

Somewhere, last August, I was so inspired by some of the gorgeous wood projects on blocks on Pinerest , that I decided to give it a try.¬† Armed with some deadly arsenal of power tools, I made my way back from ACE hardware and started collecting pieces of wood and MDF. It didnt take long before an entire corner in the courtyard was home to a huge pile of wood, wooden planks and left overs. (much to DH’s annoyance)

Today I am sharing with you a rather simple project of wooden blocks which are cut into small chunks¬†using my jigsaw, sanded using the electric sander (as I call it ūüôā¬† ), some paint¬†layers and some modge podge over¬† pieces of scrapbook paper,¬†alphabet diecuts from my revolution and the¬†sentiment for the¬†the definition of¬†family is done by¬†my loyal printer ! ¬†The ribbon finalized the look.¬†Voila !!!

Honestly, now that the weather, is getting better, I hope to venture out¬† in the courtyard and try my cutting and sanding skills more. This is really a very easy project but it does take up a large amount of time, becoz there is a waiting period between each paint coat and even between the modge podge coats. The rest is pretty much simple. I have really enjoyed designing this project. It felt so lovely when I had it homed on the mantle above the TV for Eid and almost everyone who came home asked me where I “BOUGHT” it from !!!! ūüôā¬† (huge smile here)¬† (DH is relieved that those heaps of wooden planks are being used)

Like so many of my creative friends have said, if I can do it, so can you.

Pinerest and this entire blog world has made me realize that there are so many creative avenues just waiting for me to make a claim at them. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could have anything to do with wood and yet, I am trying and gladly getting there !! so can you !!!!!

Please share with me if you too have been inspired to try out something “out of the usual” ~ reaching away from your comfort zone.

I would love to share my new project with the following parties :-


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Warm wishes
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The courtyard / Garden Transformation ~ part 3

I meant to upload this post earlier but the season of fairs and festivities is taking its toll on my time. We have participated in several fairs this season and needless to say, its been quite fullfilling as well as profitable. Perhaps my only regret is that I dont have much time to cultivate more hobbies !

For those of you, who are new to my blog,¬† perhaps you’d like to check out the previous two courtyard transforamations 1 and 2 !

Here are some more of the garden makeover pictures. The garden looks amazingly inviting so far. 

The area right infront of my kitchen, where you can see the arch is where, we would generally keep all the sensitive plants and the bbq sets and ofcourse, heaps of¬†buckets, full of samie’s¬†bird food ! Ofcouse a whole lot of crap was also housed there, which I¬†took great relief in dumping. Here are those pics.


Yes, I know, its ugly and repulsive but then .. … .. .. ……………..TADDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the bbq sets were dumped. Buckets replaced and organized. Plants out in the courtyard. And all my display wire racks were given a new shelter. I know, they arent perfectly safe from the occasional rains this season brings with it. But atleast there is some relief knowing there is a little covering over them.

This candle holder is actually for wall mounting but I decided to keep it on the glass table after some simple spray painting.

Heres it new look :

Gorgeous ! aint it ???

Finally, it was time to tackle the garden chairs. We have two separate set of garden tables and chairs. One set is the wicker bucket chairs in brown and the other are the Home Center Brown beach chairs. Although the initial plan was only to paint the beach chairs, I got carried away and did the wicker chairs in white as well.

I know this side shows just how neglected the poor area is but just wait and watch for the new look :

Pretty, isnt it ??

These pine cones were picked up in our trip to Turkey.  Naturally like all things, I had some plans for these too. Which just got laid back in the backburner for sometime until now, when I thought they were the perfect center table accessory.

The kids were a great help in turning these into gorgeous gold matt painted treasures. I completly love the new look :

Bit by bit the garden is getting where I hoped it would. There are several small and large projects still at hand but for now, I am pleased and will upload the ariel pictures in my next post.

I’d really like to give a whole lot of credit to all my sons without whom, it would have been a nightmare getting all these projects¬†sorted out. As much as I am a “pain” and a real nasty task master, they happily encourage me and give me a hand so readily, even when they feel exhausted. May Allah swt bless them with good health and success in their lives, Ameen.

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We’re going to have a longer weekend becoz UAE is celebrating its 40th national holiday which also means, I am going to have a blast with my new DIY TOYS !! Gotta make the most of it, coz the middle guy, sawaab’s exams start from 11th Dec ūüė¶¬†¬†¬† ~ now getting that guy to sit and focus is a REAL TASK !!! Anyone with a hyper (ADHD) 10 year old, knows my predicament ūüôā
Thank you again for all your thoughtful comments and all the encouragement, you, so graciously give me. I hope you found some inspiration in my projects and please remember, if I can do it ~ so can you !
Plenty of love till we meet again,