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Green Christmas ideas – innovative flower light !!

I was thrilled when I got requested to design ornaments, decoration. gift wrapping and lights for Christmas.  As much as I enjoy the festivities involved in any occasion, I believe, the true essence of any religious festival is two folds. Not only does it bring us closer to our own Creator and but it also helps us realize the deeper values, our religion imparts.  It is the one time of the year, when we tend to feel closest to our families and loved ones.  Any occasion with out family presence is really quite a hollow shell.  Don’t you agree ?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, consumerism has diluted human emotions and human values.   Its all about brands and image.  Everyone is lining up in the express lane to be fed with Pinterest images and a glamorous instagram existence.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram.  Infact, I am a self-proclaimed, Pinterest addict.   But I don’t let these phenomenal tools take over my entire existence.  I love shabby chic and elegant home decorations but I am frugal.  If I can replicate a certain enticing design, I’ll try it out – OR  just wait for the “sale offer” or “discounted price ”

I’d rather feel overjoyed with a “white Friday” Copic Marker set  than pride myself over an exotic piece of jewelry.  But that’s just how I am and its not necessary that you find my attitude normal.  Infact, you actually might find it bizarre.

Ok, so back to today’s project which is Christmas decoration light. 

This idea was mainly possible, b’coz just lately while scavenging thru one of my craft tools, I realized I had bought a wood burning tool which had drowned in the tsunami of other craft tools.

I placed several bottles together in a flower shape to decide how many bottles could be attached easily and how much distance is needed between the bottles.  Made markings and used the wood burning tool to burn holes.
It is compulsory to carry out this process outdoors AND STILL WEAR A MASK.
The reason I use wood burning tool is becoz the plastic reacts with heat becoming hard and thick, so that squeezing the funnel mouth later, becomes very easy and the funnels don’t slip or fall off.
These are #MountainDew plastic bottles.  I cut  the bottle into three parts.   The funnel, the slim  “waist” and the base.  The maximum uses generally come from the base, however, here, I am using the “head” or “funnel” part of the bottle.
Finally managed to squeeze all of them on.
I bought decorative tiny lead lights from Ikea from the As Is section for dhs 8 !  I love how the wires crumpled in the center, almost give it a “Real Flower” look. 
It was quite difficult to get a “night’ shot of the lights so as to show  just how remarkably the lights lite up..
These can be hung or stuck on the wall.

So what do you think ? 

Would you attempt this project ?  I really hope you are inspired to give it a go.

Please drop in a line to tell me if and how, you liked this frugal simple creation.

Recycled objects :-

  • Empty Mountain dew plastic bottle

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