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Tutorial – how to upcycle twigs in a frame

Hello friends.

I am delighted that I will be sharing this post with Fluster Buster.  Infact I am excited that I will be contributing one of my projects every month with Fluster Buster !!

doodle buddies upcycle frame 1

doodle buddies upcycle twigs and frame craft

I am drawn towards art which serves a purpose and helps the environment as well.  Art with found objects like plastic bottles and salvaged wood chunks is so much fun and gratifying too.

I love giving a new lease of life to the forsaken, the forgotten, and the overlooked items lying in the corners of our home.

Old, beat up photo frames are some of my favorite ‘patients’

Today I am using some twigs from my backyard and a picture frame which did not have a backboard and lacked a glass front as well – perfect for this project.

  • Frame
  • Glue gun
  • Spray paint
  • twigs
  • washi tape
  • foam heart embellishments (flowers, leaves, stars or any other embellishments can be used.)
  • Cardboard (stripes of cardboard for support in the back)
  • brads

frame makeoverframe makeover (3)frame makeover (4)frame makeover (2)frame makeover (1)

upcycle frame craftupcycle frame craft (1)handmade frameframe transformation with twigs

frame transformation with twigs


handmade gift for valentinesrepurpose photo framevalentines frame


















love the pops of color (reds and pinks) on the mat grey frame.

I believe, crafters can breath life into any mundane object with their glue guns and some spray paint  🙂

This frame is ideal as a handmade gift or perfect to adorn the Valentine days mantle.

I hope you liked this frame and might consider attempting something similar.

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Hi Friends.  How are you doing today ?

I love upcycle and repurpose projects.  And I am sharing one such project here.

The first coat was gesso.
I cannot say enough good things about this chalky finish paint !  It is absolutely fantastic.  Just two coats gave this smooth and chalky effect.
The “O” bottle is the only one with the Americana decor paint – the other three are regular acrylic paints.
Can you spot the crackle effect in bottle “e” ?
This bottle adorns my mantle now and I AM LOVING IT !!

Have you tried altering bottles ?  Do you fancy painting glass ?  Which are your favorite products ?

Please drop in a line to tell me if and how, you liked this easy and fun creation.

Recycled objects :-

  • Used Barbican Glass bottle

I am sharing this post with my lovely blog friends here.

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Tutorial – DIY desk organizer

Hello friends,

upcycle can stationery organizer 0

Two important aspects of any crafters life is inspiration and storage !!  And somehow both these two aspects seem to go hand in hand. Although I “think’ I breeze through, even in a cluttered chaos, I know, I would be much more productive  in a more organized set up, where all my tools and supplies are easily accessible.

I am a visual person – I need my tools to be seen, so as to be able to use them. A punch which is tucked away in one of my bins, generally does NOT get played with – AT ALL 😦

So these past weeks, i used up most of my “recyclable stock pile” and made a few desk organizers.

I hope you enjoy this pictorial and find some inspiration to use up those cans lying around in the kitchen.

upcycle can stationery organizer 1
Clean cans thoroughly and organize them in a rectangular or circular manner.

Upcycle Can Stationery Organizer 11
Although i have brush – painted two coats of acrylic colors on these cans, I would recommend spray paint cans

upcycle can stationery organizer 14

Decide in which order, you’d like to place the cans.

Upcycle Can Stationery Organizer 13
Gather the cans together and glue them together on the sides where they meet each other

Upcycle Can stationery Organizer 12
The 1 kg yoghurt bucket, comes with a white handle which fit in, snugly in the middle container, so that I could be lifted.

Upcycle Can Stationery Organizer 10
So as to enforce them together, I wrapped them with a large ribbon. You can use any fabric, ribbon or even jute or twine. I also adhered this lovely frill ribbon from Daiso, on the edge. 


Upcycle Can Stationery Organizer 5

upcycle can stationery organizer 8
I am using the lid of the cookie box as the base of the organizer.  I used STRONG STIK glue to stick the cans to the base. It is a remarkable glue, which I bought from Creative Minds. 

Upcycle Can stationery organizer 9
I was not quite satisfied with the ribbon, hence I added two thinner orange ribbons on the border to give it a more defined look.

Upcycle Can stationery organizer 4

upcycle can stationery organizer 6
This silver stand had not been used in decades, so it was more than happy with its new found job role !!  It provided a much needed height and was quite stable. We don’t want a stand that could topple all the contents. 

Upcycle can stationery organizer 2UPCYCLE CAN STATIONERY ORGANIZER 7upcycle can stationery organizer 3


And there you have it !

I love how all my promarkers, copics and paint markers are all now easily accessible. Its such a huge relief and joy.

I’m inspired to make a few more of these to house my scissors and paintbrushes etc.

Please drop in a line to tell me if and how, you liked this frugal creation.

Recycled objects :-

  • Food cans
  • lid from cookie tin.
  • Serving stand.

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