Handmade greeting cards in Dubai – 13

valentines cards in Dubai

I am absolutely delighted that my cupcake awning card was the first place winner at the Crafty Gals Corner.¬† I now have my very own badge too ūüôā

Although I have two more awning cards in store, to share with you, today, I am sharing a very spring-like card.

Cards in Dubai1 cards in Dubai2

The various elements included in this card are :-Circular diecut, Digital stamp (sentiment as well as flowers) Ribbon, bling, faux stitch, polka dots, yellow flourish design paper, white pearls, mother card, copic markers and distress ink.

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Handmade greeting cards in Dubai 8

Hello friends ! I’m back with my 8th card today.

valentines cards in Dubai

I must confess, for someone who is accustomed to posting and linking one project a week, 14 projects in 14 days is really a Challenge for me !! Designing a card is such a fun and elevating experience for me, however the post production process is rather time consuming ! ( photography, editing, posting, linking )

In Dubai, we are blessed with a daily dose of fresh and radiant sunshine even in the make-belief winters !  The sun never seems to disappear in the day time and hence, virtually no flash assistance is required in any photography for outdoor shootings.


About today’s card :-

This is a bright and sunny card, in one of my favorite colors with some of my favorite elements ~ Mason jars !!

I love playing with mason jars in cards, don’t you ?

Highlights of this card include :- Polka dots, digital stamp (mason jar + sentiment ), 3 mason jar, 3 fabric hearts, distressing. (None of my cards are complete without being distressed)

handmade greeting cards in Dubai14 handmade greeting cards in Dubai 13 handmade greeting card 12

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Handmade Greeting Cards in Dubai 6

valentines cards in Dubai

Allo friends ! So whatcha been up to ??!!

I am in high spirits today. Its been a constructive day ! I am super delighted that Doodle Buddies’ cards will now be hosted at Organic Foods and Caf√©.¬† What makes it more special for me, is that I have complete belief in their¬†motto and ethics. I am so glad, my art work will be displayed and appreciated at all their four supermarkets and caf√© !!

Allah swt blesses us with just the right amount of encouragement¬†to keep the struggle on.¬†¬†On 27th January, I was featured in Gulf News’ My Guide, on Arts and Craft. It was totally an honor.¬†I have been featured in¬†a couple of¬†newspapers and magazines before and have one¬†TV interview on¬†Chanel City7 under my belt.¬† But quite honestly, with every feature, comes a renewed joy and belief to keep up my creative endeavors.¬†Two huge news –¬†I am totally humbled.¬† What’s more wonderful, is that it came as a complete surprise !!


And then I had a brush with reality when I entered the studio and realized, I had been putting-off the clean up process for nearly a month.¬† That room,¬†is in complete chaos¬†and desperately seeks my attention.¬† So that will be on my priority list¬†now (well, in all honesty,¬†it has been on that list for sometime now, ¬†just don’t remember where I misplaced that list ūüėČ

Okey dokey ! So that’s that about my brand new news ūüôā

Onto the 14cards 14days series :-¬† Today’s card is rather simple yet sassy.

Elements included are ¬†:- Design/pattern paper, bow/ribbon, polka dots, banner diecut , rubber stamp, rhinestone, glossy paper for three¬†hearts.¬† If your wondering, where did I pick this glossy heart paper from ~ DONT !! I picked these glossy hearts at Ikea in December, I think, they were meant to be Christmas tree decoration, but obviously, I had other ideas !! wink wink ūüėČ

Handmade greeting cards in Dubai 7

handmade greeting cards in Dubai 6

handmade greeting card5

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Handmade greeting cards in Dubai 5

valentines cards in Dubaihandmade greeting card 1

handmade greeting card 2

handmade greeting card 3

 handmade greeting card

Hi Friends !! So glad you’re visiting me today !

This is the 5th card in the series of 14 cards in 14 days.

Some pattern paper ( DP ) just bring out the best in a card. Such is the case here. I have used sober colors hence it is an ideal masculine card.

Element included are :- 2 die cuts, DP, Lace, hearts, DS (digital stamp : Tree ), and Rubber stamp (love you) and Martha stewart border punch.

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Handmade Greeting Cards in Dubai 1

valentines cards in Dubai

For the next fourteen days, I will be sharing one of my handmade greeting cards with you everyday !!

Beginning with :-





I don’t¬†believe there is a season for giving cards or that there should be a reason to share happiness.¬† This moment is NEVER returning ~ so why not share a message, a cake slice, a lollipop, or even a meal together and make this moment special.¬† Who needs a special day to show appreciation ~ show a little of it, everyday.

I am joining the following challenges to share this card :-



  • Fairy Tale¬†–¬†2W,¬†2E¬†–¬†No. 110 –¬†(W1 of 2)¬†– Something with a Heart
  • Kitty Bee Designs¬†–¬†2W,2E,C10¬†(W1 of 2)¬†No.40 –¬†Valentine/Love
  • QKR Stampede¬†‚ÄstW, 4E, SIO¬†‚ÄstNo.¬†124 – Hearts
  • Simply Create Too¬†–¬†2W¬†–¬†No.78 – (W1 of 2) – Happy Valentine’s Day ¬†(or use hearts)
  • Sister Act Card Challenge¬†–¬†W,¬†Cards. –¬†No. 90 ¬†– Anything Goes


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No sentiment card, Something inbetween

The elegant card.

This is the third card in the card making kit series. Since I had to use the sketch, there was little scope for adding any dimension apart from what was provided. Hence it has plenty of pretty flowers and an intricate polka dotted butterfly.

I know, its very unlike me to keep a plain background but I prefered to keep a plain backdrop and fill color and design with the DP provided rather than keep a designed background and plain colored flowers and swirls.  All said and done, I think, this card is the highlight of the series.

Hope to read your thoughts on this card. 

I wish to enter this card in the following card challenges :-

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Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you again.



Arte Fair stall., My Favorite Stores in Dubai, Window display

Handmade items/Hobby~Business in Dubai.

Dear Friends,

Often I have been asked on my blog if I run classes and could employ people and for some kind of guidance in this field.

Recently amongst the many calls I receive for some guidance was  from Rida F who also wished for some direction in this matter, staying in UAE.

By no means, am I an expert but I could only provide some of my own experinence in this field.

I am a papercrafter and create handmade greeting cards, altered art, book binding, and recylable items. In the past I have taught in schools and institutes but realized that these venues provide a large limitation on budget and generally dont fullfull their pledge when they advertize a product to their clients.

Therefore, I decide to take up some classes for children as well as ladies. I offer classes from home at the Arabian Ranches every quaterly. For the children, there is a beginers and advanced art classes covering all aspects and mediums of creating art works including water colors, arcylics etc.  And for the ladies, classes are limited to the various aspects of papercrafting.  I am not a sewer (which I would have loved to be !)

5 years back, I chose to not get involved in a full time business for various reasons which do not apply now. But becoz you could be in a similar situation I am disclosing it for you.

1: My kids were alot younger and I prefered to do something on the side, rather than jump into a commitment which I may not be able to fullfill.

2:¬†Business, in this part of the world is rather complicated with the involvement of trade liscence, visa procedures, having a partner‚Äôs constant involvment ( to have a business in Dubai or UAE, one must have a local ‚Äúarbab‚ÄĚ who is the local representative or sponsor of the business, although his involvment could be limited, in terms of finance and decisions, nevertheless, one has to pay him a fee on an annual basis, depending on the individual case )

I too, like many, prefered to manage from the comfort of my home while waiting for the right opportunity. (Which by the way, may not be the most ideal situation for you, but it ‚ÄúWAS‚Ä̬†for me.)

Having said that, now, for what you should do, if you feel you have a talent which has the potential of bringing in, monetary gains ? Well, Primarily¬†find out what exactly you wish to pursue ? You have the¬†choice of selling your product or selling your skills ? Which would you prefer. That is ‚ÄėTHE‚Äô most important question. Please realize that most people who visit us in our homes or our friends,¬†are going to praise our ‚ÄúART‚ÄĚ skills, becoz that is the polite thing to do, but are they appreciating it so much as to buy it ?

Next, having determined which direction you choose, ‚ÄúNETWORK‚Ä̬† ‚Ķ It is a KEY WORD. Talk to people at work or spouces friends, or neighbours, ¬†friends of friends and spread the word that you can offer some skills or¬†you have products. Which ever, but first find out from your community, what response you get. Another important aspect is ‚ÄúLOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION‚ÄĚ as they say in the¬†business jargan . Perhaps you reside¬†rather far from where your potential¬†customers are. Well, then you have to find a way or a channel to come to them, if they cant come to you.

Here, I can also suggest that selling online is also another option. It has benefitted several folks, I know. And its really not as complicated as we make it out to be. There are several sites where you can join to be able to sell thru eg : ETSY.

One drawback about handmade items is that , being handmade, naturally they are always above the regular prices, and there is generally only a particular kind of clientele which appreciates handmade. So reaching them is the question here.

In my opinion, ARTE provides an excellent and very¬†balanced channel for the new hobbyist. They are a monthly ‚Äúsouk‚ÄĚ ~ exhibition/fair where you can participate on a monthly basis once you register with them. What I would adivse to some one like Rida, is that you should probably visit one of their exhibitions/fairs which is every first friday of the month at the Times Square on Sheikh Zayed road. Get a feel of how they exhibit and what are the kind of products that sell, talk to the vendors, and see how you think, you can place your self there.¬† You can reach arte from here : ARTE ¬†or you can join their facebook group here :¬† ARTE.

                                                        One of the ladies at the fair with some fantastically creative  wall hangings.

If you feel more confident then this could be one way you could choose to move in. Another permantant option is where you take up a space/store/shop in a small sized mall or a larger mall. Depending on your budget, these are the basic two ways to go in. Both can turn out to be fruitful provided you believe you have what it takes to make it suceed.

I know of ladies, who have started out from Arte, moved on to get a space thru the Freezone but they struggled, becoz they were located far from the reach of the¬†‚ÄĚREAL‚ÄĚ client and I also know of women, who persisted with home business for years before actually opening up large size stores in more renowned malls. We all have our own situations to deal with so in the end, it boils down to what your situation and budget is like.

I could go on forever on this subject but the most important thing is, that you set your priorities right first and see where you place your hobby/skills. There are scores of books written on this subject. But the bottom line is, as my closest friend Judith put it when I was in a delimma too, was ‚ÄúRunning a store/shop/full fledge business is like getting on an ongoing ¬†threadmill‚Ä̬† If you get what I mean. Are you 100% committed ? If so, and if not so too, trying out opportunities is alot better than waiting to let things happen to us, get out there, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH and atleast make an effort to know where you stand with your product.

If I can be of any help. Feel free to contact me.

I hope you found my little article informative, inspiring and educational. If so, kindly leave a comment to tell me how and what you feel.